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Winnebago Vita vs. the Competition: Occupant Cargo Carrying Capacity

In this video, Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Nicole Lovik-Blaser reviews the occupant cargo carrying capacity. 

Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity (OCCC) is an important specification to understand before you buy your motorhome. The OCCC label is required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to ensure that buyers know that weight of passengers and cargo they can safely carry. Vehicle safety systems like tires, brakes and collision avoidance all may be compromised when the loaded motorhome weight exceeds the chassis weight rating.

The OCCC is listed on the required yellow weight label that you can find inside one of the entry doors to the motorhome. The OCCC figure is the maximum allowable weight for all occupants, food, tools, and personal belongings, including the weight of all fresh water you carry. Even the weight you put on the hitch must be included in your cargo calculation and the total must be less than the OCCC for safe operation of your RV.

Based on the option and floorplan selection, the View and Navion typically provide well over 1,000-lbs., while the Vita and Porto were designed to provide up to 1,800-lbs. of capacity.

The Vita Safely Carries More Compared to the Competitors – 

  • Up to 832-lbs. More than the Jayco Melbourne
  • Up to 1,084-lbs. More than the Thor Chateau
  • Up to 744-lbs. More than the Forest River Sunseeker
  • Up to 632-lb. More than the Forest River Forester
  • Up to 1,169-lb. More than the REV Renegade Villagio
  • Up to 741-lb. More than the Coachmen Prism Elite
  • Up to 317-lb. More than the Coachmen Prism

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