Lichtsinn RV Certified Pre-Owned Program

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Purchase with confidence and peace of mind, with the Lichtsinn RV Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) RV Program, providing Real Value with a sixty day Service Plan from the date of purchase!  After passing a rigorous inspection, the plan provides major operating systems coverage to protect RVers, and is accepted anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.  Once work is completed to your satisfaction, the Plan pays the service center directly.  Plans are also extendable.

The auto industry has long enjoyed the benefits of productive CPO programs. CPO programs have continually proven to bring value to used car sales for both buyers and dealerships. For a used RV buyer, minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity for success when purchasing a used RV is good reasoning for choosing a certified pre-owned RV.The value found in vehicles that qualify as certified pre-owned (CPO) offers great protection on the investment.

For a dealership, auto or RV, the value of the CPO extends to business as well. Certified pre-owned vehicles sell faster than uncertified vehicles, typically 28 days faster (AutoTrader 2011 – certified pre-owned national averages).

In addition to the accelerated sales velocity, CPO vehicles have a higher resale value, and can sell for $1,000 to $3,000 more than vehicles without the certified badge.

A certified inspection for dealerships participating in an RV CPO program heavily investigates the mechanical quality and physical condition of the RV. The certified inspection covers hundreds of inspection points during every vehicle inspection, making any RV inspected in the program a thoroughly understood unit, and can give great insights to dealerships prior to their reconditioning efforts.

Being able to roll a warranty into the vehicle sale creates a great package for consumers, and sets the stage for future service visits by capturing the service under the terms of the warranty.

CPO programs have been proven in other industries. Post-recession growth of CPO sales saw substantial acceleration because value conscious-consumers sought out CPO vehicles for their purchases based on new economic realities and the understanding that CPO vehicles deliver peace of mind.

Since 2012, certified pre-owned sales have been shattering records. According to a Used Vehicle Market Report on, 2014 sales for certified pre-owned vehicles hit an all-time high of 2.3 million vehicles even though it was not a record year for used car sales overall.

Early adopters in the RV industry know the lessons the auto industry has taught about CPO programs. The increase in customer traffic due to CPO programs is proof that the program is a growth category for dealerships.

See any sales consultant or the business office for details on the Lichtsinn RV Certified Pre-Owned RV Program!