12 Reasons Why the Travato is BETTER than the Sequence

Our first reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the floorplan offerings in the Winnebago Travato. The Travato comes in the 59K floorplan – offering a twin bed configuration with a spacious rear bath/shower area and swivel cab seats that expand your living space. This floorplan configuration is also available in the Pure3 Lithium-Powered 59KL. The Travato 59G floorplan offers exceptional flexibility and sleeping for four with the Flex Bed System near the cab and a large corner bed that flips up to make room for bikes or other large items. The Thor Sequence offers two floorplans that ONLY Sleep 2. Thor also DID NOT consider the usability of the swiveling cab seats. Swiveling cab seats are an integral part of the living area in Class B Campervans, and in both the Sequence 20L and 20K floorplans the driver’s seat is totally unusable when swiveled. In the 20K the drivers’ seat is obstructed by the sofa/sleeper and in the 20L it is obstructed by the galley.


Winnebago understands Class B Van owners’ needs better than Thor. Through continued voice-of-customer research and Class B owners’ events, Winnebago has taken the time to understand how van owners use their RVs. Which is why all Travato floorplans are configured to maximize the cab area for living space.

Our second reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the windows and ventilation in the Winnebago Travato. There are few features in a campervan that are more important than windows and ventilation. Van owners enjoy the ability to camp in off-the-grid locations where they can soak in picturesque outdoor scenery. Often that requires boondocking with limited access to hookups, so they require windows and doors that can open to let in the breeze. Thor did not take those needs into consideration when they developed the Sequence. The sequence has ONE SMALL LITTLE window that opens, and the older-style screen door. The Travato features several awning-style Remi Cab Windows that feature integrated sliding, pleated shades, and a rear insect screen. New for this year, the Travato also features an innovative, Rolef Side Screen Door that is made to take a beating while still providing reliable ventilation and insect protection. The Rolef screen door is made of a similar highly durable fabric as a high-end tent. When zipped owners simply open the magnetic closure to enter or exit and it snaps back into place. In addition to superior ventilation, Winnebago added the Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ Ultra-Quiet Air Conditioner into the Travato. The Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ is a 13,500 BTU air conditioner that is 4-6 decibels quieter than previous models. While this may not sound like much, decibels are measured in a logarithmic scale rather than a linear scale. The decibel logarithmic scale increases by powers of ten so for every increase of 10 dB on the scale is equivalent to a 10-fold increase in sound intensity. So… an air conditioner that is 4-6 decibels quieter is a significant improvement. The Thor Sequence has a 11,000-BTU traditional air conditioner that is louder and less powerful than the Travatos.

Our third reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the additional, upgraded automotive-grade insulation Winnebago added to the Travato. In the new model year, Winnebago added additional automotive-grade, block foam insulation to the roof and the sidewalls. This insulation is similar to the insulation in the four-season Winnebago Boldt and Revel. Additional insulation allows for improved temperature control and reducing heat or cool air loss. It also assists with road noise reduction and campground ambient sound reduction. The Travato also has blackout cassette shades that offer additional thermal protection. The Sequence doesn’t have the same highly engineered, automotive-grade insulation as the Travato or blackout cassette shades.

Our fourth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the Winnebago Travato’s Sumo Springs. Winnebago is the market share leader in campervans, because they listen and value their owners needs. SumoSprings have been a fan favorite of Travato owners for several years, and now they are offered as a standard feature. SumoSprings® are a patented suspension product designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. They are maintenance free and are manufactured from proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane providing a smooth and progressive spring rate. The Thor Sequence doesn’t offer any feature – standard or optional like this.

Our fifth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the Winnebago Travato’s Pure3 Energy Management System option in the Winnebago Travato. Campervan owners are looking for lithium power options in their vans, and Winnebago understands those owners. That is why Winnebago introduced the best-in-class Pure3 Energy Management System from Volta Power Systems in the Travato 59KL and 59GL floorplans. The Pure3 system is built with advanced engineering and a simple user interface so you can have confidence and peace of mind as you travel down the road. The 48V automotive-grade lithium energy storage pack provides up to 8,700-watt hours of energy, and 30-Amp whole coach electricity using a 3,600-watt inverter. One of the best parts of this hassle-free system is that it operates on the push of a button. With the same automotive-grade technology used in hybrid vehicles and EV applications, this advanced lithium energy system provides better value, ease of use, and confidence as you travel, live, work, and play. The Thor Sequence doesn’t offer owners a lithium option AT ALL.

Our sixth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the Winnebago Travato’s unique storage solutions including Winnebago Exclusive Ram Mounts and Anything Keepers. Based on the success of the Ram Mounts in the Revel, Winnebago added the Ram Mounts Tough Track mounts to the Winnebago Travato. Ram Mounts are electronic device mounting solutions that are designed around an interchangeable ball and socket system that offer users’ devices shock and vibration protection. Winnebago incorporated Ram Mounts Tough Track Mounts throughout the Travato to offer owners the flexibility to safely mount their phones, laptops, or tablets in various locations within the Travato. Winnebago Exclusive – Anything Keeper Drop Down Baskets were also added to above the beds in the Travato to provide owners a place to keep their phones and other small items. Winnebago continues to find unique solutions to maximize the storage inside their Class B campervans.

Our seventh reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the larger sized solar power system. Winnebago realizes that van owners want all the solar power they can get on their vans, and has continued to increase the standard solar panels on their vans. The Winnebago Travato now offers 230-watts of Solar power STANDARD with a junction box and plugs for additional solar panels. The Thor Sequence only has 180-watts of solar and it doesn’t appear to have additional ports for portable solar panels.

Our eighth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is the Travato’s optional Summit Rack System with Movable Ladder. Winnebago offers an optional all metal roof rack with a movable ladder that attaches onto the roof rack for increased stability and safety when owners are using it. The Thor Sequence uses a Thule ladder that you are just supposed to lean against your RV – and climb up it. This ladder is not nearly as secure or safe as the Summit ladder system in the Winnebago Travato.

Our ninth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is Travatos’ superior exterior features. Winnebago understands that a functional outdoor living space is a necessity for Class B campervans owners. The travato has excellent undercarriage lighting and a 13-foot armless powered patio awning with a wind sensor. The Thor Sequence does not have undercarriage lighting and it has an awning with an arm that attaches to the side of the van. The arm on the awning limits the outdoor space around the entrance, and users will find themselves running into or bumping their heads on the arm. The Winnebago Travato also offers Deluxe Feature Full Body Premium Automotive Paint on the entire exterior while the Sequence has plastic cladding on the entire front and rear of the coach.

Our tenth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is Winnebago’s premium interior features including Corian countertops and Ultraleather furniture coverings. The Travato offers UltraLeather furniture coverings. Ultraleather gives you the softness, comfort, and luxury that is more durable than leather and incredibly easy to clean. Made with proprietary technology that combines four material layers including PVC-free polycarbonates, it has been tested and proven to surpass competitive fabrics for integrity and durability. Plus, Ultraleather offers superior thermal comfort—creating a comfortable, neutral body temperature regardless of the setting. The Thor Sequence has cheaper leatherette furniture coverings that will not stand up to the wear and tear of RVing like the Ultraleather coverings. The Travato features solid-surface Corian countertops while the Sequence uses a cheap knock-off. Corian countertops are non-porous so they are very easy to clean and are extremely durable.

Our eleventh reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is Winnebago’s community of owners. The Winnie B’s – Winnebago’s group of Class B-van owners – regularly has meetups sponsored by Winnebago that build an amazing sense of community around products like the Travato. The Winnie B’s recently had a meetup of nearly 100 vans. During the Meetup they enjoyed leisurely activities like bicycle rides and brewery visits, and they were able to have one-on-one discussions with members of the Winnebago Product Development team and Winnebago employees that built the Travatos they lived in. As we previously mentioned, Winnebago utilizes these events to learn more about how owners use their Travatos so they can manufacture products that best help their owners explore the outdoor lifestyle.

Our twelfth reason why the Winnebago Travato is better than the Thor Sequence is Winnebago’s experience and innovation within the Class B and Campervan product lines. Winnebago has been at the forefront of the campervan and compact coach movement since THE 1980s – with the LaSharo and Rialta. 2019 is the first year Thor has “ventured” into the Class B van market with a ProMaster-based While Winnebago has been building the Travato for over 6 years, while continuing to innovate its features and floorplans to best meet owners’ needs. Winnebago was the first to bring features like the Froli Deluxe Sleep System, the Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System, and Movable Ladders and Luggage racks to the Class B market. WINNEBAGO HAS RELIED ON INNOVATION NOT IMITATION to offer owners a product that enables extraordinary experiences as they travel, live, work in play in their Winnebago Travato.

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