2012 Itasca Reyo Customer Feedback

We love hearing from our customers and just had to share this incredible feedback from Holly in Virginia:


Well, let me share my story in case it helps. When we finally decided which model we wanted, we went into overdrive on the due diligence. I contact 10 dealers across the US to satisfy my spouse that we were checking all possible pricings. From previous experience over the long haul with our Rialta, I knew what the answer would be, but spouse insisted that we check all possible prices and options.

And so… 9 of the 10 dealers responded, none of them came anywhere close to the price offered by Ron at Lichtsinn Motors in Forest City, Iowa. The 2012 Reyo 25T we wanted was already on the lot with most of the options we wanted except for the levelers…the long and short of it was that we flew to Minneapolis/St. Paul where a car and driver picked us up at the door and drove us to Lichtsinn.

Ron had an office cleared for us, provided phone, computer, printer and workspace ready so that Niels could move right in and continue his day job. They worked their appointments with us around his critical meetings, Hannah worked with our credit union over the details, everything was carefully prepared and completely ready to sign when we stepped in the door after our walk-through.

The car used to pick us up became ours for the 3 days we were in Forest City, modest cost of $100 for airport pickup and car rental. EVERYTHING Lichtsinn’s did revolved around our needs first. Every employee asked whether we were doing okay, did we need anything, and even whether we needed directions to get anywhere while we were waiting for some installations we’d requested.

Our instructional appointment was thorough and thoughtful. They covered everything new and established RV customers would want to know, checking often to be sure we understood how the Reyo is different from our former Rialta, how to add DEF fluid, how the generator worked, TV, Micro, etc.

The price was our crucial issue, but had other dealers been within a few hundred dollars, we would still have traveled from the DC area to Minneapolis to experience the difference at Lichtsinn.

And now the follow-up…We could have gone to a local dealer, but decided to drive halfway across the country again just to be sure the work was done properly.. and to us that meant Lichtsinn…

…The service department took excellent care of us. We were there over the weekend and slept in the Lichtsinn RV lot every night. They again provided a vehicle, no charge this time, and we had a great time exploring around the area and even attending a music festival in town that was pretty good!

They assigned one person to handle all of the work, and as it turned out, we ended up enjoying Bill as well as appreciating his knowledge and the care he gave to our projects. He actually bonded with our little dog and allowed him to stay in the rig because it was so hot during the day…

…We plan to have this rig a long time, and we feel that we’ve developed a good relationship with ‘our’ dealer. They do things well, strive for excellence, and have ethical values that I respect. AND I doubt you’ll find a better price anywhere.”

– Holly from Virginia