2015 Era 70C by Winnebago with Alde Hydronic Heating

Lichtsinn Motors is excited to provide you with information on the all-new Era 70C, part of Winnebago Industries’ Touring Coach division!  

The Winnebago Touring Coach division, which is comprised of the Era and Travato, will debut the Era 70C for the 2015 model year and will boost a sofa-sleeper slide out, which will be the first Era with a slide out for additional living space!  

The 70C will be built on the Sprinter Chassis with the Mercedes-Benz Diesel just as the 70A and 70X models. Other features on the 70C will include Infotainment Center with Rand McNally GPS, 3 Burner Cooktop, MCD Blackout Roller Shades, a 22″ HDTV and a 5.7 cubic foot 3 way refrigerator.   But in addition to those features the 70C Era will also feature Alde Supreme Heating Technology!  

Alde Heating 3010 is a hydronic heating and hot water system that provides comfort and convenience.  It features a two stage burner with electric elements to ensure even heating.  

The heat source consists of a propane furnace with a 230 volt electric element that heats a mixture of water and glycol.  The hot glycol mixture is circulated through the system’s convectors and pipes with the aid of a pump.  Alde central heating system will wrap the entire living space in cozy warmth that keeps out drafts, eliminates cold zones. Hydronic heating provides silent, even-temperature, all-round heating.

Natural, slow air currents provide healthy, dust-free air with natural humidity. Hydronic heating provides discreet, unobtrusive, quality heating. Not only does the furnace provide cozy, silent heating, it also provides a constant source of hot water for the shower and galley.  

The Era 70C will definitely have space and now even more comfort with the Alde Heating System!