2015 Winnebago Era 4-Cylinder Mercedes-Benz

2015 Winnebago Era with 2.1L 4-Cylinder Mercedes-Benz Diesel Engine

2015 Winnebago Era
2015 Winnebago Era

Just arrived at Lichtsinn Motors is our 2015 Winnebago Era with the optional 2.1L Mercedes-Benz 4-cylinder, 161-hp, diesel engine!

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Specs on the 4-Cylinder Engine

Now you can have the benefits of turbocharged power, diesel fuel economy and durability in one compact package. The new OM651 2-stage turbo diesel engine features:

  • 161 hp
  • 265 lb-ft of torque across a broad rpm range
  • Two overhead camshafts/4 valves per cylinder
  • No turbo lag, due to 2-stage exhaust gas turbocharging system
  • Low-emission EPA14/CARB certified
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for cleaner emissions

The OM651’s 265 lb-ft of torque starts at a low 1,400 rpm, giving you ample pulling power when the light turns green, when merging onto a highway, and especially under a load. A combination of exhaust gas recirculation with two-stage cooling and the SCR technology with AdBlue® injection for the BlueTEC® engines and a particulate filter ensures clean exhaust emissions. The OM651 also delivers up to 18% better fuel economy over the superior efficiency of the optional 6-cylinder/5-speed combination.