5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your RV

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Everyone wants their home to feel like their home. Even their home on wheels! One of the best parts about RVing vs. staying in hotels is having your home and your things along for the ride. It is so nice going out and exploring all days and coming “home” at night.

Since RVs tend to come with little personality, it’s up to you to make the space your own. Some choose to completely renovate the inside of their RV to make it truly theirs, but there are small changes you can make that’ll make a huge difference. Here are five ways to personalize your tiny home on wheels.

1. Wall Decor – The walls of an RV are pretty bare. Unless you are lucky enough to get a rig with a stylish border, the walls are probably plain. (Side note, you CAN remove the wallpaper border with little effort!) A super simple way to personalize your RV is to spice up the walls. With family photos, artwork, hanging plants, etc. There is no need to put holes in the walls of your rig. Command Hooks are the perfect way to hang decorations on the walls. The adhesive works great at keeping hooks in place on travel days and will not leave a track on the wall when you’re ready to remove. Command Hooks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to hang virtually anything, no matter the shape or weight. In case you do hit some unsuspected bumps in the road, consider using plastic when possible, especially with picture frames. Nothing will ruin your day quicker than finding broken glass spewed across your floors when you open the front door after traveling.

2. Indoor and Outdoor Rugs – Just like in a stationary home, rugs in your RV can bring the space to life. They make a room feel extra cozy and are an easy way to add your personality. Consider adding a rug or two to your RV to make it your own. Rugs will not only look great as they cover up less than aesthetically pleasing linoleum flooring or carpet, but they are also functional. Rugs can help keep warmth in a while camping in cooler weather. A rug in the living area can make for a great place for young kids to play or lay while watching a movie. A welcome mat at the front door is a great place for wiping dirty feet or storing shoes. A runner in the hallway can make a nice transition piece for the living area to the bedroom. Don’t worry too much about rugs getting dirty as they are so easy to clean. Roll them up, take them outside, and give them a hard beat. Cleaning is done!

3. RV Bedding – Is there anything better than climbing into your own bed at the end of a long day? That’s one of the best parts of RV travel! Give your bedroom or sleeping area a personal touch by updating the bedding. There isn’t much when it comes to RV bedrooms, so the bedding is going to make or break the look and feel of the space! Go for something bright and light to make the room feel larger. Add some throw pillows to make your sanctuary feel extra luxurious and comfy. Want to go the extra mile, spend the extra buck, and make all of your RV bedroom dreams come true? Upgrade the mattress while you’re at it! A new mattress might not make your space look any more personalized, but you better believe it will feel more personalized. Standard RV mattresses aren’t the most comfortable things on earth, and getting a good night’s sleep is essential when camping. A good mattress that matches your sleeping style is the best way to get a good night’s rest.

4. Curtains – What is the deal with the cornices or valances found in most RVs? They don’t necessarily provide any value, and we all know they don’t look good. Luckily, they are pretty easy to remove. With just a few twists of the screwdriver, those ugly window treatments are history! Once the old window treatments are down, replace with curtains and a rod. New curtains are a great way to personalize your RV! You can purchase curtains in a variety of lengths, but hemming curtains too long is a quick fix if necessary. When hanging your curtain rod, consider placing it several inches above the window if possible. This will give the illusion of the wall being taller, making your space feel roomier. Concerned that curtains won’t provide enough privacy? Opt for thick black-out curtains. You can also add blinds under curtains for added privacy.

5. Light Fixtures – RVs come with fairly basic light fixtures. Lighting usually consists of a mixture of dome lights, outdated ceiling light over the dinette, and puck lights. If you are looking to give your motorhome a more personalized look and add some style, updating light fixtures could be just the thing! Just changing out a light or two in each room can make a huge difference. While you are at it, change out old light bulbs for LED lights. This will help you save on energy and keep your lights cooler.

If you are looking to make your tiny home feel more like, well, home, there is no reason to spend a fortune or break your back doing a full renovation. Making a few simple changes can go a long way and make you feel proud of your space.

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