8 Reasons We Love the Winnebago Vita

There are so many reasons to love the Winnebago Vita! Find our top 8 reasons to love the Winnebago Vita below.

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  1. Two functional floorplans – The Winnebago Vita is available in the 24F and the 24P. Both the 24F and 24P floorplans have at least 40-cubic-feet of exterior storage and can sleep someone up to 6’4’’ (even at the dinette, thanks to the hidden bonus leg room space)! Winnebago has also consciously made especially large galleys, and even the bathroom door of the 24P gives extra space in the bathroom once closed. One of the main differences between the two floorplans is where the slide is located. In the 24F, the dinette is in the slide and in the 24P, the bed is in the slide. To pull in the slide in the 24P, you would fold the hinged mattress beforehand – making the bathroom still accessible without putting the slide out.
  2. Extended Off-the-Grid Functionality with Best-in-Class holding Tanks – You can go off-the-grid for longer with the Vita’s best-in-class holding tank capacities including 37 gallons of fresh water, and 41 gallons of black and gray tank capacities – 35% more than the competitors.
  3. 200-Watts of Solar Standard – In conjunction with the best-in-class holding tanks, the Vita comes with 200-watts of solar power… STANDARD. The 200-watts of solar help keep your batteries fully charged and extend off-the-grid use. The Vita and Porto’s solar system is also expandable up to 450-watts. Most RVs in this segment come with solar prep or solar as an option for an additional fee.
  4. Bring More with You – OCCC and Storage – You will not run out of storage in the Winnebago Vita! The Vita was created with full-timers in mind. The 24F floorplan features 42-cubic-feet of lighted, exterior storage and the 24P features 45. The Vita also has the occupant cargo carrying capacity to be able to safely bring it with you. The OCCC is listed on the required yellow weight label that you can find inside one of the entry doors to the motorhome. The OCCC figure is the maximum allowable weight for all occupants, food, tools, and personal belongings, including the weight of all the fresh water that you carry. Even the weight you put on the hitch must be included in your cargo calculation and the total must be less than the OCCC for safe operation of your RV. Based on the option and floorplan selection, the View and Navion typically provide well over 1,000 pounds, while the new Vita and Porto were designed to provide up to 1,800 pounds of capacity.
  5. Comfortable Sleeping for 6 – Both Vita floorplans feature comfortable sleeping for 6. New to the Vita is the SuperShell Sleeper Deck. Winnebago’s exclusive SuperShell composite hull is produced in a closed mold with injected urethane foam sandwiched between the fiberglass outer shell and an interior panel. This manufacturing method is similar to how a high-end cooler is constructed. This superior design strengthens the cab over area and improves sound and thermal comfort while also reducing the weight and the potential for leaks and squeaks. The design also reduced the number of parts and processes necessary to build the cab-over, improving quality and durability for our owners.
  6. Budget-Friendly Coach – Winnebago is constantly interviewing owners and keeping a pulse on how the RV market is changing. The Vita is the answer to RVers wanting a motorhome option that is easy for first-time RVers to drive and use, can handle being on the road often, and is capable of boondocking, moochdocking, and other dry camping for extended periods. They’ve also made multiple upgrades to make this RV less likely to need service work. Since many first-time RVers are also looking at lower-priced RVs, Winnebago wanted to create this option to fit their needs without going over budget.
  7. Customizable Storage – The Winnebago Vita features customizable storage including the pantry and linen cabinet. The pantry features removable rods and shelves to customize the space to your needs. So, you could use it as a food pantry or a closet of clothes, etc. The linen cabinet of the 24F also provides additional and easily accessible storage for towels or other supplies.
  8. And last, but certainly not least, is the Mercedes Benz Diesel Chassis that the Winnebago Vita is built on. The Mercedes Chassis provides the Winnebago Vita with unrivaled fuel efficiency and durability.

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