Adding Solar Power to Your RV

Adding Solar Power to RV’s is becoming more and more popular as people reach for new remote locations to travel to in their RV. Adding Solar Power to your RV allows you to become independent of the nearest electricity box and energy usage and collection becomes quiet and passive. At Lichtsinn RV we offer ZAMP as a Solar option.



Zamp Solar is an American company manufacturing an American product with the absolute highest quality materials available.  Truly a cut above the rest, panels are designed and crafted in Bend, Oregon USA.  Able to charge all types of 12-volt battery banks including lithium, there is a kit perfect for all roof mount applications.



One panel at a time, Zamp Solar has worked hard to earn a reputation for offering the highest quality product on the market. In late 2015 Zamp purchased a 20,000+ square foot building and set out to transition from a company that assembles solar kits from imported components to manufacturing solar products.  Having a production plant makes it easy to control quality and introduce new innovative features.



Each component of Zamp solar panels have been thoroughly thought out and produced to create the best solar panels on the market.

  • The AR (anti reflective) coated glass increases light transmission while also providing durable protection from harsh weather conditions, making for a more efficient panel.
  • The anodized aluminum Omni-Mount rail system removes the need to attach mounting feet at predetermined locations along the panel frame. Instead, you can choose the best mounting location for your specific needs.
  • Grade A monocrystalline is used in all Zamp panels to create the highest performance and most reliable solar panels possible.



  • Whether it is the Easy-View Charge Controller or a tilt leg, Zamp Solar has a history of innovating the best solutions to make life easier for you. At Zamp they push to find creative solutions for the problems other companies choose to ignore.
  • The new quick connect wiring harness has removed the need for crimpers and butt connectors within the installation of solar kits. Simply mount components, plug them in and they are good to go. The new portable leg design adds more rigidity and easier use than the previous leg model making solar easier in every step.


Deluxe Roof Mount Solar Kits-

Charge or maintain any traditional 12-volt battery bank or rechargeable lithium-ion battery energy storage solutions with complete confidence.



US-100 Watt Deluxe Kit: (80 and 160 also available)

The 100-Watt Solar Panel is perfect for smaller trailers, over the cab truck campers but is versatile enough to work in all applications. This small solar kit maintains the charge of most single 12 volt battery systems. This kit can expand up to 300-Watts and is a great start to your solar powered lifestyle.

All US manufactured panels utilize top-of-the-line Grade A monocrystalline solar cells providing high efficiency output throughout the day. These high end panels feature AR (Anti-Reflective) coated glass for maximum light absorption.

The original anodized aluminum frame has received an overhaul. Say goodbye to predrilled mounting holes and hello to the NEW Omni-Mount Frame. This newly designed frame is sturdier and more versatile than traditional frames. With the freedom to mount the feet anywhere on the frame many of the previous install issues are removed. The included stainless steel hardware ensures your panels stay in place throughout your journey.

Wiring is no longer a concern of the installer with the included NEW pre-assembled flexible UV rated wiring harnesses. All Zamp panels are compatible with Zamp Solar Deluxe Panel kits and the included 3-port expandable roof cap making any future upgrade amazingly easy.

Keep your mind at ease with a visual check of the LCD display on the digital 5-stage charge controller. Real time indication of your system’s status for many metrics including volts, amps and amp hours. Dual self-resetting circuit breakers will keep your system protected from an over-current event. They will automatically reset after a period of time.

Kit Specifications:

17.15 lbs.

100-Watt Power Output (additional if add expansion kit)

Generates 6.1 amps

25-Year output warranty

30 Amp Solar Controller


Portable Solar Kits-

Portable solar kits provide all the power of roof mounted solar kits, with the added flexibility of being able to place the panel in direct sunlight even when your RV isn’t.

Credit: Zamp Solar


To find out more about using Solar in your RV, click HERE to watch a previously recorded Webcast on Solar Panels for your Motor Home RV.

Call the Lichtsinn RV Service or Parts Department to get a quote on purchasing Portable Solar Panels or having us install the perfect ZAMP Solar Panel setup for your RV.