Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning

For years Winnebago Industries has utilized Specific Climate Systems/Frigette as our primary automotive heat and air conditioning system.

Class A Motor Homes

Chassis supplied components on a Chevrolet, Ford and Workhorse gas powered chassis:

• Condensor

• Compressor and mounting hardware

• Receiver/Dryer

• High Pressure line from compressor to condenser

• Condensor fan and wiring (Chevrolet and Workhorse only)

Chassis supplied components on a Freightliner and Spartan diesel pusher:

• Compressor and mounting hardware, drivebelt

The remainder of each system is installed by Winnebago Industries, as provided by SCS.

Class C Motor Homes

The automotive air conditioner/heater is a chassis supplied system on Ford and Chevrolet Class C chassis. The exception is the Winnebago Rialta, which has both Volkswagen and Winnebago supplied components. Winnebago Industries installs the overhead evaporator assembly, the remainder of the system is Volkswagen installed. As a general rule, a 1994 chassis and newer would use the R134A refrigerant. Prior to the 1994 chassis, an R12 was used. These systems are not interchangeable.

If you are experiencing an auto air conditioning problem, you should contact us at 1-800-343-6255.