Available Options for the Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel opens up a world of possibilities for your adventures with off-grid capabilities and complete four-season comfort. The function-fueled design, powered by the reliability of a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and the freedom of on-demand 4WD means going off-road is never off the table.

While the Revel is already equipped with many innovative features, there are even more options that can be added to further maximize its efficiency and durability. Continue reading to learn more about the Winnebago Revel and the options that can be added to it.

Exterior Colors

Winnebago Revel Exterior Colors

The Winnebago Revel is currently available in three different exterior color options with the choice of each with or without graphics. These exterior colors choices include: Blue Grey, Pebble Grey, and Selenite.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis Features

We are often asked if the Winnebago Revel comes standard with four-wheel drive or if this feature is an add-on. Each Revel is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis that is equipped with four-wheel drive standard and does not have any additional drivetrain options. This means that the Winnebago Revel is a true 4×4, offering the freedom of on-demand 4WD to easily take your adventures off-road.

Performance Wheels Upgrade

One add-on that further increases off-road reliability in the Revel is the performance wheels upgrade with BF Goodrich TA KO2 all terrain tires LT245/70R17 which feature a longer tread life in dry pavement conditions, with aggressive all-terrain traction perfect for gravel, rocky and snowy conditions. This upgrade also includes Method 701 wheels with bead grip technology to seat the bead while running with lower air pressures, a reinforced inner lip, and are one piece cast 356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment.

Cooling System

Another option you can choose to add can make your hot climate travels more comfortable. The optional 13,500 BTU Coleman®-Mach® 10 NDQ air conditioner includes directional vents, a built in thermostat and Bluetooth® control for added convenience to keep the insulated interior of your Revel cool.

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Front Cab Air Mattress

Luno Front Cab Air Mattress

The large Power Lift bed in the Winnebago Revel comfortably sleeps two, but you also have the option to add the Luno Front Cab Air Mattress for an additional sleeping area. This air mattress is made up of two sections and inflates in minutes. The first section, called the Base Extender, inflates to fill and level the space between and in front of the cab seats while the second section serves as the sleeping area and looks very similar to a traditional air mattress. This inflatable cab bed measures 30″x65″ and comes with a cordless pump, repair kit and storage bag. Although the Luno air mattress was specifically designed for children and pets, it can even comfortably sleep an adult up to 5’7″.

Watch how easy it is to setup the Luno Front Cab Air Mattress

The features and add-ons previously mentioned are all available factory-installed from Winnebago when specified in your Revel order. However, there are also many after-market accessories that provide extra convenience to your RV adventures.

Additional Lithium Ion Battery

Standard, the Winnebago Revel is equipped with a single Lithionics, UL-1973 certified, 320-Ah lithium-ion battery which provides 4,133-watt hours. However, this can be further expanded with a second Lichtsinn RV-installed Lithionics, UL-1973 certified, 320-Ah battery, increasing total watt hours to 8,266 watt-hours to keep your off-grid adventures going. Additionally, Lithionics Battery’s proprietary Battery Management System features protective safety measures that eliminate the need for heat wraps on each battery.

Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package (LSP)

Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package

The Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package (LSP) combines the GLSS system by CAVans with the previously mentioned, additional 320 amp-hour lithium ion battery, providing a total of 8,266 watt-hours. In addition (2) rear power switches are added so you can easily turn off either battery individually.

The lounge area GLSS system creates another livable space and storage area inside your Revel. The system includes proper ventilation gaps to ensure your Revel batteries have sufficient ventilation throughout the bench seat area. It includes a Lagun Mount and Table for a flexible addition for a secondary dining or work surface and it fits perfectly inside the Revels Gear Garage. The system is lightweight and durable, made with 80/20 aluminum. The cushions are marine grade so they will hold up to whatever your Revel adventures have in store. This package can be installed by one of our RVTI-certified service technicians for added convenience.

Learn More About the Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package

Owl Vans Accessories

Winnebago Revel Owl Vans Accessories

Owl Vans Engineering designs and manufactures accessories for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans including a Bike Carrier, Spare Tire Carrier, Sherpa Gear Carrier, Ladder and Tire Carrier and more. Owl’s top accessories make your Winnebago Revel even more competent and efficient. Upgrade small parts or take your Revel to the next level of adventure van status. Owl Vans carriers require no drilling and bolt to the extremely strong rear hinges on the Winnebago Revel.

Learn More About Owl Vans Accessories

Aluminess Rear Door Box/Tire Rack

Revel Aluminess Rack

The Aluminess Rear Door Box/Tire Rack, designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, allows not only additional storage options for your gear but also a way to travel with a full-size spare without worrying about mounting under the van. This item bolts on using factory hardware inside of the door, with no drilling required. Best of all, it works with both 180 and 270 hinges. No need to fuss with swapping out and painting new hinges just to mount your rack. If you do not have the need to mount a spare tire, the rack can instead be equipped with one of Aluminess’ storage box accessories.

Learn More About the Aluminess Rear Door Rack

The Winnebago Revel is loaded with user-friendly innovations and features that give the outdoor enthusiast a breadth of choices for their adventures. Even so, there are many factory-installed and after-market accessories that help you tailor your Revel to your specific needs. These items help you to further enhance your Revel for added convenience and efficiency.

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