Bike Rack Options for RVs

Bicycles and motor homes just seem to go hand-in-hand. And at Lichtsinn Motors, we help many of our guests equip their RVs with some sort of device to carry their bikes as they travel.

The easiest way to setup your RV with a bike rack is simply to purchase a hitch mount bike rack (like the one shown below that is just $99.95). This allows you to keep all of your storage areas accessible while simply transporting your bikes.

The hitch mounted bike rack is easy to install and to remove. The option below from Husky will carry 4 bicycles.

Other types of bike racks for RVs include: ladder mounted bike racks, bumper mounted bike racks, roof mounted bike racks for Class B motor homes, and many more.

However, we recommend and see most of our customers using hitch mounted bike racks. They are an affordable option for taking your bicycles with you as you travel and very easy to insert into your hitch and remove when not needed.

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