Brr!!! Winterize your RV! Here's the Steps!

Given the number of issues we see in the Springtime, winterizing your RV is an important step to protecting your RV.

You certainly want to keep Mother Nature from hibernating in your RV during the winter time…

Here’s some advice from our techs at Lichtsinn Motors… You can also check out the video at You can use a wet method or dry method… we will explain the dry method we use here at our store…

1. Empty your holding tanks. The best time to do this is at completion of your final trip of the summer or fall. Flush out the tanks with a black tank flush if equipped, or flush out manually

2. Drain your fresh water tank and your water heater, which should be almost empty from flushing out the holding tanks. Open and drain any low point drains. Leave the water heater plug out over the winter to allow the tank to completely dry out.

3. Connect a blow connection to the city water fill… this blow connection is available at most RV stores, including ours). Make sure the compressor is set to a low psi… around 20-30. Open all water lines, and start the compressor. This will blow air through the lines, and your RV will sound like it’s hissing at you.

4. Using non toxic RV antifreeze, use the syphon in your winterization kit to run some thru the water pump, as you can’t blow out your water pump. If you opt to run RV antifreeze thru your system be sure to use a bypass valve on your water heater so you don’t immediately fill the water heater with 6-10 gallons of RV antifreeze

5. Cover exterior vents to prevent insects and rodents from gathering hibernation

6. Store your RV indoors, cover if in a non windy climate or at a minimum treat all slideout seal and tires with UV protectant.

7. If you have specialized appliances, such as a washer dryer, icemaker, or dishwasher, see us for more details.

Remember… measure twice and winterize once… don’t skip steps and use logic… if you have any questions contact us at 800.343.6255! GO RVing… life’s a trip!

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