Choosing the Perfect RV For You – RV Types

When it comes to freedom and flexibility motorhomes offer the ultimate experience. Ranging from the larger Class A motorhome to the compact Class B camper vans, to the Class C, all motorhomes are RVs that take transportation and living quarters and roll them into one comfortable experience. With something for everyone, motorhomes range from compact and space saving models to luxury buses that can all pull a family car in tow so you can zip around town for daytrips.

Class A Motorhome –

A Class A Motorhome is like a large luxury bus for you to call your own. The largest of RV motorhomes, they are constructed on a specially designed chassis and powered by either gas or diesel engines. Many Class A motorhomes have multiple slide-out sections that open up the living space and come with many options to make you feel at home like kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers and centrally controlled heating and air conditioning.

Quick Facts –

  • Cost – $100,000 – $500,000 (Class A Diesels will be more expensive than Class A Gas motorhomes)
  • Sleeping – Up to 8 People (Based on floorplan)
  • Length – 26’ – 45’

Why Choose This Type of RV?

The Class A motorhome is perfect for long-term family road trippers. From an easy to maintain entry level Class A, to luxury coaches, there are plenty of options with this RV type. 4 to 5 people can sleep comfortably and can stretch out like they’re in the family room of a house. The Class A can contain all the amenities that make you feel at home.

Features of this RV –

  • Spacious and well equipped: Even the basic models are well-appointed and roomy. But for anyone looking for the ultimate in luxury and elegance, Class A manufacturers have models costing as much as $1 million.
  • Slide-out rooms: Extends the RV’s exterior wall outward at the touch of a button, to enlarge the living, dining or kitchen area.
  • Smooth and stable ride: No special license is required.
  • A small vehicle can be towed: Bring your car along for daytrips once the motorhome is parked. You can also tow a trailer to carry your boat or golf cart.

Class C Motorhomes

With its distinctive cab-over bunk, The Class C motorhome is an icon and the star in many RV adventures. Class C Motorhomes look like nothing else on the market and are built on a commercial cut-away van chassis and come with all the amenities of any motorhome, so there’s sure to be one that suits you. The Class C RVs have similar features as a Class A, but in a smaller package. Class C RVs are available in both gas and diesel chassis.

Quick Facts –

  • Cost – $90,000 – 160,000
  • Sleeping – Up to 8 People (Depending on Floorplan)
  • Length – 24’ to 32’

Why Choose this Type of RV?

With a truck-like profile, the Class C is perfect for both a family or a large group to spread out on road trips for long-term traveling. Gas or diesel models are available, and they can typically sleep 5-7 comfortably. The Class C tends be a higher price compared with towables, however they are truly a home that you can drive anywhere!

Features of this RV –

  • Ample living space: Equipped with full sleeping, kitchen, dining and bathroom facilities found in a conventional motorhome, as well as entertainment systems and plenty of storage.
  • Extra sleeping bunk: Over the cab area can be used as additional storage.
  • Useful as a tow vehicle: Tow a boat or trailer to carry snowmobiles, ATVs or canoes, or tow a small family car.
  • Slide-out option: Offers extra room for living or sleeping areas by moving the RV’s exterior wall outward at the push of a button. This will add up to an additional width to the vehicle.

Class B Motorhomes

Also called camper vans or conversion vans, Class B motorhomes are an engineering marvel! Kitchens, washrooms with showers and they sleep up to four people; all in a slightly stretched full-size van with a raised roof. A Class B Motorhome is easy to drive, fits in a normal parking space, is easy on fuel, and can be used as a second vehicle.

Quick Facts –

  • Cost – $85,000 – $160,000
  • Sleeping – Up to 4 People (Based on Floorplan)
  • Length – 19’ to 24’

Why Choose this RV –

The Class B motorhome is easy to pack and drives just like a large van. A large van with a kitchen, washroom and shower! With an elevated roof, the Class B fits everything you need in a small package. It sleeps up to 4 people comfortably and is perfect for the spontaneous adventurer.

  • Easy to drive, easy to load: Small size means these RVs are easy to move around town, and can fit in regular parking spots.
  • All conveniences of home: Bathing, sleeping, dining and cooking facilities.
  • Useful for towing:  Tow a boat, a snowmobile, a small family car or even a camping trailer for extra sleeping room.
  • Full stand-up room: Thanks to the raised roof and, sometimes, dropped floors.
  • Fully winterized versions: Includes a higher BTU furnace, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows for winter adventures.

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