Dinghy Towing with Blue Ox

Traveling with a dinghy or “toad”, as many RVers would refer, has become exceedingly popular in today’s RV market. Dinghy towing provides the flexibility and convenience to allow you to easily explore and venture outside of your campground or resort!

When searching for the perfect towing set-up, the options of tow bars and towable vehicles are endless!

The majority of our customers use Blue Ox tow bars for dinghy towing – the Aladdin or the Aventa.  The Blue Ox Aladdin is an aluminum tow bar used with vehicles up to 7,500 lbs.  This is a fold-away motorhome mount tow bar that is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver.  It is also self-aligning with a three axis swivel design.  The Blue Ox Aventa LX is a steel tow bar for use with towing vehicles up to 10,000 lbs.  This, again, is a self-aligning motorhome mount tow bar.  The Aventa uses new, cutting edge ball-in-socket design.  Self-lubricating and self-tightening pivot joints are a great feature of this tow system.  Both these Blue Ox systems come with a three year tow bar warranty and a three year warranty on the baseplate, which is sold separately.

Each class of RV is different as to what amount that can be towed – which can help to determine which Blue Ox tow system is the right fit for you.  Here is a break-down of the Winnebago and Itasca models based on towing capacity:



Towing Capacity

Class B Diesel

Winnebago Era

5,000 lbs

Class C Gas

Winnebago Access & Itasca Impulse

Winnebago Aspect & Itasca Cambria

5,000 lbs

Class C Diesel

Winnebago View & Itasca Navion

5,000 lbs

Class A Gas

Winnebago Vista & Itasca Sunstar

Winnebago Sightseer & Itasca Sunova

Winnebago Adventurer & Itasca Suncruiser

5,000 lbs

Class A Diesel

Winnebago Journey & Itasca Meridian

Winnebago Tour & Itasca Ellipse

10,000-15,000 lbs

There are many vehicles that are dinghy towable available in the marketplace today.  Some of the more popular models include: Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevy Cruise and Chevy Malibu among many others.

Whether you are in the market for a tow bar or tow vehicle, Lichtsinn Motors in Forest City, Iowa has the Blue Ox towing systems and the Chevrolet, GMC and Buick towable vehicles that you will need!