Experience the comfort and advantage of Aqua-Hot

Enjoy even zone heating and continuous hot water on demand from Aqua-Hot system.  This system has tubes coiled around a central boiler that distributes heat to small heat exchangers throughout the RV! 

The Winnebago Tour and Itasca Ellipse feature the Aqua-Hot 450DE model with four heating systems in one.  Aqua-Hot offers three heat sources: engine heat (Motoraid) for when you’re driving or idling, electric heating element (when you have AC or 110 volt power) and the Diesel Burner (when you’re dry camping, select the diesel fuel source).

Here are some of the advantages Aqua-Hot offers to Winnebago and Itasca owners:

Aqua-Hot offers even heat that gives you constant comfort.  From freezing temperatures to chilly mornings the Aqua-Hot Heating Systems keeps temperatures consistent and comfortable inside.  Instead of having your heat source blow dry, hot air through your RV, Aqua-Hot uses hot fluid that radiates throughout the interior and heat exchangers circulating moist heat evenly through the four zones on the interior of the RV and one zone in the basement.  No hot spots and no cold spots!

Aqua-Hot tankless systems means never waiting again for warm water.  It provides a continuous supply of on-demand hot water with zero recovery time.  The 110 degree temperature is so consistent, we call it SteadyTemp. 

Aqua-Hot is also an affordable way to heat your RV.  Aqua-Hot system is a fuel-efficient one, as Aqua-Hot is incredibly stingy when it comes to energy consumption and fuel use.  Not only is it fuel efficient but Aqua-Hot will help make the world greener.  Aqua-Hot systems feature advanced, Low Emissions technology.  Think of it as your contribution to a cleaner world.

When looking for your next RV and see Aqua-Hot is available remember it significantly improves the comfort and experience in your motorhome.  It provides even interior heating throughout, prevents tanks and plumbing lines from freezing, increases resale value, provides continuous and on-demand hot water, reduces engine wear and saves fuel.  Check out the Winnebago Tour and Itasca Ellipse to start taking advantage of Aqua-Hot today!