Firefly System for the Winnebago Grand Tour and Itasca Ellipse Ultra

Firefly System
Firefly System

Winnebago Industries introduces in the 2015 Grand Tour and Ellipse Ultra the Firefly Integrations wiring system integrated through the RV.  This Firefly system is really something special from its design, ease of use and functioning.

The Firefly system specializes in the design and manufacturing of DC and AC electrical control system. The Firefly Integrations/Spyder Control Corporation that is used in the Winnebago Grand Tour and Ellipse Ultra has a switch panel and control panel that integrate the control and operation of systems such as lighting, motorized night shades, valves, solenoids, actuators, climate control and much more. The Firefly Integrations system is reliable and easy to install with simplicity and appeal.

Some benefits of using the Firefly Integrations system include ease of operation as buttons are larger backed evenly with LED lights that are logically placed and easy to read.  As far as added convenience for the operator with a push of a button this Firefly Integrations system can operate the lights, MCD night shade, and mechanical systems from multiple location in coach.  Some added features of the Firefly Integrations systems would be lighting that can be dimmed to any level or ability to leave a room and turn all lights off with a single button press. Then with another simple push of a button those same lights can be turned on to where you had them.

From the switch panels to the control products to the interconnection solutions the Firefly Integrated system has it all. Winnebago Industries has really step up its competition this year by adding it to the Winnebago Grand Tour and the Itasca Ellipse Ultra for 2015 model year. Quality look and feel is what you see when you look at the Firefly control panel. The switch panels can range from 2 to 16 button grouping to ensure every operation is covered.  With the low profile design it’s less than ¾” mounting depth from the mounting surface which makes placement and installation a breeze.  With LED mulit-color backlights that will provide easily status feedback for the operator.  The control productions have in all in one design with its compact and flexible module architecture.  Winnebago Industries choose to use the Firefly system because of the interconnection solutions which mean, it requires little or no tooling installation and an all in one network cabling. This means it simplifies both the harness size and complexity. The communication wires, as well as the operational power and ground are conveniently packed within one cable.

The Firefly System that Winnebago Industries uses has significant wire and component reduction. The Spyder Nework can offer a 40-70% reduction in wiring harness throughout. This saves on space and reduces the weight of your RV. Some additional saving are achieved by eliminating the need for any external dimmers, transformers and breaker/fuse panels.

Winnebago Industries has really done it again! Always staying on top of their competitors and using the newest latest and greatest features out in the market. The Firefly Integreations/Spyder Control Corporation will be a great addition to the Winnebago Grand Tour and Itasca Ellipse Ultra!