Froli Sleep Systems- Now available at Lichtsinn RV






Modular Sleep Systems

Froli Sleep Systems are hi-tech mattress foundations that improve sleep comfort tremendously and provide essential under-mattress ventilation to help eliminate condensation. If you’re interested in learning more about the Froli Sleep System or would like to purchase the Froli Sleep System, please click here.


+superior sleeping comfort
+targeted pressure relief
+individual firmness adjustment
+under-mattress ventilation
+moisture mitigation


+performance engineered elastomers
+resilient flexibility for cushioning and support
+open structure design for optimal air flow
+modular elements simply snap together
+springs flex independently and contour to body


+springs that cushion and support
+independent suspension contours to your body
+easy installation
+optimal retro-fit
+3 spacing options that set overall firmness
+clips (optional) customize comfort even more
+30 day unconditional money-back guarantee
+10 year limited warranty on all sleep systems

If you have any questions about the Froli Sleep System, please call us or email us here.