Highlights of the New Winnebago EKKO

Blending the off road rugged nomadic nature of van life with the storage and livability of traditional touring class motor homes, the all new, all season Winnebago EKKO provides unmatched off grid and all season capabilities.  It’s standard all wheel drive capability goes where other motorhomes can’t, yet with its van size, is easy to drive and easy to park.

Ford Ecoboost Ekko

The EKKO starts with the fuel efficient, safety enhanced Ford Transit chassis, powered by the proven Ford Ecoboost V6 Engine. Advantages of the Ecoboost system include:

  • The Ford Ecoboost generates a level of performance you might expect from larger displacement engines, with 400 lb ft of torque or power, 23% more power than a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, a result of direct injection of fuel and twin turbochargers for instantaneous power with virtually no turbo lag
  • The Ecoboost accelerates at 310 horsepower, with 65% more hp than a Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • It is mated up to a 10 speed automatic overdrive transmission with Select Shift technology to provide improved acceleration at the low and mid ranges of the power band
  • Standard on demand AWD engages when the Transit detects slippage and sends torque or power to the wheels that need them, and doesn’t when it’s not needed to improve fuel economy.  Selectable modes are available for muddy, rutted or slippery surfaces with the capability of sending 100% torque to a needed axle
    • This means better traction on rain-covered pavement, you don’t have to chain up at the base of a snowy mountainside on your way to the ski resort, and greater confidence when it comes time to find a path to a forest road to a remote campsite.
  • The Transit Chassis in conjunction with Winnebago’s proprietary build structure translates then into approximately 1,500 lbs of OCCC

The 2022 Winnebago EKKO is designed for:

Four season use and is off the grid ready

  • It is insulated to reduce power and resource consumption with thick walls and a thick roof for strong insulative values
  • All water systems are located inside the coach for all season functionality, with oversized 50 g fresh water and holding tank capacities to maximize off the grid capabilities
  • Huge combined 455 w solar panels provide green power to replenish lithium batteries
  • Design was completed with the selection of efficient appliances


  • Towards the exterior, all utility hookups are at higher clearance levels for easier, more convenient and ergonomic access
  • The exterior shower is at shoulder height and can be used with an easy to install built in curtain for privacy access in conjunction with the optional Alu-Cab Batwing awning that provides rear and utility privacy.  A powered patio awning with LED lighting is also standard on the patio side.
  • An available exterior kitchen provides a portable cooktop or grill, a powered refrigerator/freezer, sink with hot and cold water, and a fold out prep or activity table.
  • An available roof rack expands what is already a tremendous amount of exterior storage
  • Efficient off the grid technology includes
    • Lithium battery, 320 amp hour is standard, but an option for a dual lithium battery upgrade, for 640 amp hours total, 8,266 watt hours, which then deletes the generator
    • Standard 2kw pure sine wave inverter
    • Standard 455 w of solar
    • Ultra low quiet CumminsOnan 2,800 w generator (omitted when additional Lithium Battery is ordered)
    • Removable dual 20 lb LP cylinders which fuel the Truma Vario-Heat furnace and Truma AquaGo on demand hot water heater
    • High efficiency ducted air conditioning system for complete coach comfort
  • Storage and livability
    • Cavernous exterior storage is designed with rear pass through storage garage and molle gear panel organizers on each exterior garage wall and door
    • Improved interior storage compared to traditional camper vans
    • Better dual pane window placement is made possible as design is not dictated by the walls of a traditional cargo van