How do I level my motor home?

A common question we get at Lichtsinn RV is “how do I level my motor home at a campground?” Keeping your RV level allows you to enjoy your camping experience and keep everything inside your motor home working the way it was intended. Here are 3 different ways to get your motor home level.

1. Automatic Leveling System

Many modern motor homes come with powered jacks – whether powered by air, hydraulic or electric – and at Lichtsinn RV we also install quite a few motor homes with after-market leveling jacks. HWH is a popular hydraulic leveling jack company that we often work with for leveling jack installations. Call us at 1-800-343-6255 for pricing on this type of installation for your motor home.

Automatic leveling jacks have a control panel at the front of the RV typically that allows you to level the coach automatically – just be sure that you don’t lift the RV tires off the ground when leveling as the jacks are meant to level the RV – not support the full weight of the motor home.

2. Wood Blocks and Lynx Levelers

If the ground you are leveling on is very soft, then using treated wood planks or blocks is a great way to keep your jacks from pushing through the soft ground. At Lichtsinn RV we also help people buy a lot of Lynx Levelers which are plastic blocks that stack to provide support for leveling jacks and wheels. Call us at 1-800-343-6255 for pricing on Lynx Levelers.

Lynx Levelers
Lynx Levelers

3. Visual Leveling Devices

Finally, in case you don’t have automatic leveling you’ll need to be sure that you’re actually level. Many RVs have a leveling indicator or you can purchase one for very little money that will stick on to your RV interior. We have them at the Lichtsinn RV Camping Store here in Forest City, Iowa. Or you can always pour a glass of wine and see if the top surface is level in the glass!

Well there are a few tips for leveling your RV. Call us at 1-800-343-6255 with any questions about leveling.