How does an AC heat pump work?

AC heat pumps are typically an option on most Winnebago or Itasca products and most guests will select having it on their RV. The sole purpose of the heat pump is to provide an additional avenue of warmth to your Winnebago or Itasca and conserve LP.

The process entails the AC working in reverse mode and the heat from the outside of the RV is being pumped or transferred to the interior of the RV. As the name suggests a heat pump transfers or pumps heat from one place to another. When the exterior temperature is above 40 degrees and you have shoreline power or are running your CumminsOnan generator you will have heat through the ceiling duct work on your Winnebago or Itasca. The heat pump will not however work at a temperature less than 40 degrees as the compressor cannot convert the exterior air to warm air. Not only is this inefficient but can also damage the compressor.

So when you are looking at your next Winnebago or Itasca product simply look at the thermostat and if it says Electric Heat you then have a heat pump.