How to dump an RV?

Dumping an RV can be a dreadful thought. However, with some quick training, in which we provide all of our guests with one of our pre-delivery inspections from one of our Winnebago factory trained technicians – it will become an easy task.

Every RV has a black tank (toilet waste) and grey tank (sink and shower water). These tanks will vary in size depending on the RV. Winnebago/Itasca is known for its ultrasonic sensors that sit on the exterior of the tanks so you can always get true and accurate readings and will not corrode. Other manufactures will use a probe sensor that penetrates the holding tank. These will work fine until debris such as toilet paper becomes lodged and at that point you will not get accurate readings. This then requires chemical or black tank flush to clean off the sensors.  If they corrode they will then need to be replaced.  The readings for the black and grey tank are located inside the coach. On a Winnebago/Itasca product we call this the One Place Panel. This panel will have other equipment such as a generator start switch-slide room buttons-thermostat located all in one convenience location.

Once you notice that you tanks need to be flushed out. You will want to take it to a dump site. Most RV parks will provide these.  Some of them you can keep your sewer hose hooked up permanently at your site while you are out camping. Winnebago uses a QuickPort that allows you to also keep the storage door closed and locked so it cannot be tampered with. Once you have your black tank hose connected. You will then flush out the black and grey tank. The black tank is always flushed out first so that the grey tank can act as a cleaning agent cleaning out anything in the hose. Most RV’s will have simple valves that you pull to open and it becomes a quick and painless process.

Here are some aftermarket items we suggest to minimize the fear of dumping your RV:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Bleach wipes for sanitizing
  • Hand sanitizer
  • 90, 45 or straight coupler for fitting the hose on easier
  • Sewer extension hose in case it’s needed
  • Clear sewer adaptor so you know when the tanks have finished emptying

If you have any questions regarding dumping your RV please feel free to contact our sales/service team at 1.800.343.6255.