How to Level Your Motor Home

When thinking about leveling your RV, there are a few different ways this can be accomplished.  You can manually level your coach with Lynx Levelers by driving up on this Lego-style of leveling blocks, you can use a crank-style of stabilizer jacks or level your coach automatically with HWH or LCI jacks (by Lippert Components, Inc.), like what Winnebago and Itasca use.

Lynx Levelers are a must for any RV owner that does not have leveling jacks on their unit!  They’re safe and very cost-effective.  The blocks interlock to allow you to adjust exactly how much you need and come apart easily for storing or cleaning.  The Lynx Levelers are strong, durable and economical.  They’re very safe and easy to use.  You can use Lynx Levelers under single wheels, dual wheels, tandem axles, fifth wheel jacks, hydraulic leveling jacks, stabilizer jacks and tongue jacks.

Stabilizing leveling jacks, which can be a straight-acting or scissor jack style help stabilize the RV when parked.  Stabilizing leveling jacks are very inexpensive and take the rocking motion out of your RV when you slide rooms are out and the RV is parked.  Stabling leveling jacks are manual crank down jacks that are very easy to use and provide stability for your RV.

HWH leveling jacks are used to not only level your coach, but also to minimize RV sway and rocking caused by interior and exterior forces. HWH Levelers are manufactured in straight-acting, kick-down, telescoping, spring-retraction and power-retraction jack styles.  This allows systems to be installed on virtually any RV.  The controls are available in four basic styles; Hydraulic Switch/Lever, Joystick and Touch Panel.  This allows the operator to choose the control option that best suits their leveling needs.

Winnebago and Itasca are currently using the LCI automatic leveling jacks that are stronger, lighter and more efficient!  The Lippert Components, Inc. Aluminum Leveling System is a time-tested and proven system that offers many advantages over the competition.  LCI leveling jacks are 70 pounds lighter than the competitions systems.  The Teflon impregnated jacks legs helps eliminate seal tears which lead to leaks.  LCI offers an automatic electric control panel.  LCI leveling jacks level in pairs which can be done manually or automatically.  LCI leveling jacks have a remote sensor that operates with the angular comparison to eliminate twist and minimize final height after level is complete.  LCI leveling jacks are double acting which means no springs will rust, break or fill with mud or ice!

If you do not currently have a leveling jack system on your RV and would like one, it’s possible such a system can be added!  Contact Lonnie or David in our Parts Department today to determine what type of jacks will be the right fit for your coach.