How to Winterize Your RV – Video Tutorials

Properly preparing your vehicle for storage will lessen the possibility of damage to your vehicle and ensure you are ready to hit the road when warm weather returns. Prepare your motor home for vacancy just as you would if you were leaving your house for an extended period of time.

An Overview of RV Winterization Includes:

  1. Dumping the Tanks
  2. Winterize the Plumbing System including:  adding antifreeze to each sink trap, toilet, tub and shower drain.
  3. Drain the Water Heater
  4. Circulate the air keeping one or more roof vents partially open so air can circulate.
  5. Dry the air if humid with a dehumidifier or other air drying product.
  6. Preserve the Batteries – charge, disconnect and then remove.
  7. Ensure your Tires are properly inflated and park on dry surface if possible.
  8. Wash RV Exterior and inspect the exterior for any areas that might need to be sealed.
  9. Ensure to keep the fuel fresh.
  10. Cover the openings of the water heater and refrigerator compartments with RV screens to keep out pests.

We have several videos in our video library that cover winterization of various Winnebago products in more detail. Se the videos below:

How to Winterize a Winnebago Revel 4×4 

Winterize Revel



How to Winterize a Winnebago Travato 59K

Winterize Travato


How to Winterize a Winnebago Travato 59G

Winterize Travato 59G


How to Winterize a Winnebago Era

Winterize Era

How to Winterize a Class C Motorhome

Winterize Class C


How to Winterize a Class A Motorhome

Winterize Class A

If winterizing your own RV seems like a daunting task, or you have some questions once you begin, Lichtsinn RV’s service department can do it for you! We offer winterization services and more by our RVDA/RVIA certifiend and factory trained technicians. Please call our RV service department at 1-800-343-6255 for more information or visit