HWH Hydraulic Leveling System In Your RV

Whether you are boondocking or at a campground, leveling your RV is a routine part of RV life. However, that does not mean that leveling your RV needs to be difficult or time-consuming. The HWH Hydraulic Leveling System allows you to quickly and easily level your RV with the touch of a button using your RV’s existing suspension air bags.

As an authorized dealer of HWH products, with certified HWH technicians, each year we help dozens of guests in coordinating leveling jack installation at our dealership and at the HWH factory located near us in Moscow, Iowa. Due to a special agreement that Lichtsinn RV has with HWH, we are able to offer a discounted installed price on these automatic leveling jacks for your RV.

Continue reading to learn more about the efficiency and convenience of the HWH Hydraulic Leveling System.

HWH Air Leveling System

History of HWH Corporation

Although originally founded in Illinois, HWH has been located in Iowa (our home state) since 1979. They have since led the RV industry in hydraulic and air leveling technology, introducing countless innovative hydraulic slideout systems and other innovative hydraulic/air solutions. HWH has a highly-qualified team of over 200 employees including engineers, manufacturing specialists, sales consultants, manufacturing employees and more, each taking great pride in being the best at what they do.

HWH is driven to bring innovative and dependable products to their consumers. Their overarching goal is to make the “RV Experience” a pleasant experience for all, from manufacturers to dealers to guests, by continuing their commitment to quality and after-sales service.


Automatically Rechecks for Level – The computer within the HWH System automatically confirms that your RV is level every 30 minutes and even auto-levels if necessary.

Maintenance Friendly – For additional convenience, the system does not require routine maintenance or tune-ups. If a service situation should come up, the system is incredibly easy to troubleshoot and can be serviced at Lichtsinn RV or another RV Dealer.

Compact Touch Panel – The HWH System control panel for the leveling system is compact, measuring just 3.5″ by 5.1″. Common areas where it is installed include near the driver seat for optimal convenience or at the entry well of your RV.

No-Sink Leveling – Because the air bag leveling mechanisms are located between the frame rails and axle housings, there are no contact points between the mechanism and leveling surface. This means that you do not have to worry about the levelers sinking into the ground when you are parked on a soft surface.

HWH Bi-Axis Leveling Logic – This feature enables the coach to be leveled by raising the sides or ends of the motorhome using air bags in pairs instead of a single air bag. This keeps the frame rails on a common plane which reduces the risk of structure twist.

Manual Leveleze Option – For total control of leveling your RV, the HWH Leveling System includes the option to manually level with Leveleze Indicator Lights that clearly guide you through the leveling process.

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Contact a Lichtsinn RV Service Consultant or your Sales Consultant to have this dependable RV leveling system added to your new or existing RV!

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