Is your Winnebago built to last? The Drop Test

Few companies go to the lengths we do to test our products. None go to the heights. We test raw materials. We test prototypes. We test finished parts. We test completed motorhomes. All to ensure that every motorhome that rolls out the door meets our standards for quality, performance, durability and safety.


One test that Winnebago is most famous for is the drop test. In this test a Winnebago is hoisted into the air and dropped to test its structural integrity, appliance and cabinet attachment, impact absorption and more.

In this video several high-speed cameras were used to record a Winnebago Trend hitting the pavement.  After the test, notice how the door frame does not deform and can be opened.  This is an indicator of how rigid the coach’s superstructure is.

This kind of destructive testing is very expensive, but over the years tests like these have helped Winnebago improve the durability of their products.

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