In model year 2010, Winnebago Industries began to utilize MCD American Duo Day/Night Shade Systems in some of our products. The powered windshield shades are a standard feature in the 2010 Winnebago Tour and Itasca Ellipse, the manual side window shades are an option in some of our product lines. These shades can be installed in most of the Winnebago and Itasca motor homes. The American Duo Day/Night Shade System is an advanced, patent-pending window shade innovation designed to provide both Solar Protection and 100% Light-Blocking capabilities in an attractive, compact, user-friendly package. Powered windshield shades are standard as shown here on the Itasca Ellipse.

Features/Benefits include:

• Exceptional heat/UV reduction

• Excellent daytime privacy

• Complete nighttime privacy

• Superior outward visibility

• Improved interior décor/look

• High-tech, reflective-window appearance

• Eliminates the need for window awnings

This new system is easy to operate, easy to clean, and eliminates the types of service problems associated with conventional pleated day/night shades. This new system takes the place of curtains, expensive Vienna and Silhouette shades, power visors, Venetian blinds, conventional roller shades, and other dated shade applications. The American Duo Day/Night Shade System also eliminates the need for any window awnings. (Patio and door awnings, if applicable, should still be utilized for their respective, original purposes, i.e. shade when sitting outdoors and protection from rain when entering.) With American Duo Day/Night Shade System, the coach will benefit from superior heat/UV blockage on EVERY window, a cleaner, less cluttered outside appearance, and improved outward visibility while eliminating the substantial costs and problems associated with those products.

The American Duo Day/Night Shade assembly is comprised of two roller shades, one with the exclusive MCD ClearView Solar Screen material and the other with a 100% light-blocking material. In the house portion of the coach, the shades are always mounted in a stacked configuration and are located/hidden behind the window valance. In the cockpit area, the system is typically mounted in a stacked configuration for both the windows and the windshield, however, depending upon the particular design of a coach, there are some instances where it may be advantageous to mount the system in a side-by-side configuration. The top roller (in the stacked configuration) utilizes solar screen material and is designed to roll-off toward the window in order to block heat/UV rays and provide maximum privacy for daytime use.

The bottom roller (in the stacked configuration) utilizes the light-blocking material for total nighttime privacy or when light-blocking is desired during the day. When mounted in the side-by-side configuration, the solar screen material should always be mounted closer to the windows and windshield and the light blocking material will be mounted away from the windows and windshield more towards the interior of the coach. The 100% light-blocking shade material also serves as the interior window covering and is available in a variety of grades (price levels), colors, and patterns in both vinyl and cloth. MCD’s switch-controlled, power shade motors chosen by Winnebago Industries include MCD’s industry-leading Safety Dual-Range feature. The Dual-Range motors feature two sets of upper and lower set-limits; one set of limits with the “ignition on” and one set of limits with the “ignition off”.

Troubleshooting Procedure for Switch Motors The most typical “problem” for all powered shades is the loss of Set Limits. The shade motors will retain their Set Limits when the coach’s power supply is kept within a normal range of 11.0-13.6 volts. They will also retain their Set Limits if the power supply is cut off completely from the shade motor (0 volts). However, if power is gradually drained and falls below the lower limit of 11 volts, the motors could lose their electronic Set Limits and will require reprogramming once normal power has restored. *See your Operator’s Manual for reprogramming instructions. Care and Cleaning Day Shade ClearView™ Solar Screens should be vacuumed periodically to remove accumulated dust, particularly when traveling in dry, dusty climates. We recommend using your vacuum cleaner’s soft upholstery brush and gently vacuuming each shade. To clean your ClearView™ Solar Screens, you can use a sponge or a soft brush and water to remove stuck-on dust and most stains. A mild cleaning solution can be used to remove tougher stains. Rinse after cleaning by soaking a clean cloth in fresh water, ringing out any excess and wiping the areas where any cleaner was used – repeat as necessary. Use a towel behind the screen as you clean with a sponge or brush to keep splatter down. Night Shade Vinyl material will clean up nicely with any mild cleaning solution using a new sponge or non-colored paper towels. Rinse off cleaner by wiping down with another sponge or non-colored paper towels and fresh water after cleaning.