Mercedes-Benz VS30 Sprinter RV Chassis

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis first debuted in 1995. Always innovative, Winnebago Industries was the first North American RV manufacturer to build atop this chassis. The first-generation Sprinter Chassis was built from 1995 to 2006. The second-generation was produced from 2007-2018. And finally, the third-generation, as we know it today, was introduced.

The third-generation VS30 Chassis provides an innovative fuel-efficient platform with interior aesthetic upgrades similar to that of the Mercedes S-Class luxury automobile. The chassis also provides the numerous safety enhancements now made possible with the VS30 Chassis. It is built with a 3.0 litre 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine boasting 325 lbs. ft. of torque or power. It is paired with the 7G-Tronic Automatic Transmission and includes grade braking.

Winnebago RVs on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Diesel Chassis

While safety is the cornerstone of the VS30 Sprinter, the interior aesthetic upgrades are also similar to that of the Mercedes S-Class luxury auto and include leather cab seats that feature all (3) sets of safety enhancements.

There are a number of Winnebago RVs equipped with the third-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 chassis. These models include the Winnebago Revel, Winnebago Boldt, Winnebago View, Winnebago Navion and the Winnebago Vita.

Below you will find additional information on the Mercedes-Benz VS30 Sprinter Chassis safety enhancements and aesthetic upgrades.


Active Brake Assist – This System uses a combination of radar and camera technology to sense a visual obstruction ahead. You will first be alerted with a visual and acoustic warning. Once you apply the brakes, Active Brake Assist applies the most effective brake pressure. If too weak, the System will engage autonomous braking capabilities. It is also the only System that can recognize and is designed to break for pedestrians in your path.

Active Lane Keeping Assist – This System will sense if you seem to be unintentionally changing lanes in a range of situations including in slight road bends. You will receive an audio and visual warning. The System then applies brake pressure to help you get back in the lane. Targeted intervention of the ESP (Electronic Stability Control) Systems and brake systems gently bring you back to your intended path.

Adaptive/Active Cruise Control/Active Distance Assist Distronic – These different terms all mean the same thing and make up another safety feature on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. This System regulates the speed of your RV for you and automatically helps you maintain the distance to a vehicle detected in front of you. If you are approaching a vehicle in front of you, Distronic Cruise Control will slow your RV automatically. As that vehicle vacates the defined area or speeds up the System will accelerate to your desired cruise control level. You can increase or decrease the following distance in the vehicle setup settings or you can turn this feature off all together.

Traffic Sign Assist – This System helps you to identify the right speed and alert you to let you know if traffic laws have changed. General GPS navigation and camera technology allow you to know when traffic laws change to alert you and keep you compliant. Traffic signs are also noted in the navigation screen in the MBUX setup.

Blind Spot and Rear Cross Traffic Alert – This System detects approaching vehicles in your blind spot and alerts you to keep you safe. Rear Cross Traffic Alerts let you know when a vehicle or pedestrian is crossing behind you.

Rearview Camera with Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist – This System provides you the gradient ability to see the area behind you as you navigate in reverse. Visual markings alert you before approaching an object with several different distant alert increments.

LED High Performance Headlamps – These handlamps provide improved illumination that maximize the view of the road ahead while further enhancing the RVs overall aesthetic and sleek front-end design.

Adaptive High Beam Assist – This System provides enhanced safety in the dark. This System makes driving in the dark safer and helps to reduce the strain on the driver. Adaptive High Beam Assist adjusts to the best possible headlamp range available while avoiding dazzling oncoming traffic. The need to use the high beam switch is then limited so you are able to fully concentrate when driving in the dark. Adaptive High Beam Assist uses continuous input from a camera to automatically vary the range of the High Beam Headlamps based on the distance of oncoming vehicles and any vehicles traveling ahead of you.

Wet Wiper System – The Wiper System provides clean lines of sight if you have to wash your windshield as you drive. Traditional spray nozzles have been replaced by tiny laser-cut holes along the wiper arm. From these, fluid is sprayed directly in front of the wipers as they sweep in either direction. Washer fluid consumption is reduced by over 50 percent. The System is heated in cold weather and the windshield is cleansed more effectively by the Wet Wiper System.

Attention Assist – This System monitors your driving patterns for signs of fatigue and gives you an early warning to make sure you are not driving drowsy. If the System detects fatigue or lapses in concentration it suggests you take a break with an audible and visual warning. You simply confirm acknowledgement in the MBUX System. This feature may be turned on or off in vehicle settings.


Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel – The Wheel includes a complete array of steering wheel controls for the infotainment center.

MBUX Infotainment – This System makes trips more enjoyable with the Sprinters multitude of sophisticated MBUX Infotainment features. The large screen on the MBUX Infotainment system includes hands-free calling. This system is encased in a carbon fiber instrument panel that encases the dash and side panels.

This System also includes hands-free voice guidance. This feature can be used when you are connected via Bluetooth. When connected, you’ll see prompts for complete control of your smartphone or tablet allowing you to make hands-free calls using voice guidance and Hey Mercedes artificial intelligence. You will have complete navigation controls available through voice guidance and this ties into Traffic Sign Assist. Each available app is movable within the Infotainment Center screen. This is helpful if you choose to customize your view so you have your selection of regularly used apps etc.

The Infotainment Center monitor is a capacitive touch screen monitor that functions and swipes just like an Ipad or Android tablet and it is also controllable from the Smart Wheel controls. The rearview camera is can be found on this monitor. You will find a complete Digital Operator’s Manual for the Mercedes-Benz VS30 as well. In addition to the capacitive touch screen controls, you have hard controls below the system as well.

In Information Settings Screen you will find details on the engine including consumption levels, DEF levels and torque curve measurements. As you start the engine, you’ll be able to see the RPM levels as well as torque curve levels for fuel consumption and other fluids.

In the Vehicle Settings Screen you’ll have quick access to the ESP superior ride and technology handling information. You’ll also find controls for the safety enhancements allowing you to display them in a certain order or turn them on or off.  Here you will also find different programmable settings that are available for the cab chassis as well as lighting controls. Your overall system vehicle setting preferences are controllable through the capacitive touch screen monitor and also on the Smart Wheel steering wheel controls and the hard button controls.

Wireless Charging – Wireless charging for your smartphone or tablet is located in the center dash. Inside this compartment you’ll also find USBC controls to be able to connect to Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

Radio – The radio on the VS30 Chassis is a High-Definition AM/FM Radio and includes Sirius XM Satellite Radio with a free trial subscription. You can also function these features from your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to access controls for playing media that reside on your smartphone or tablet through either Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

As you can see, the Mercedes-Benz VS30 safety enhancements coupled with the interior aesthetic upgrades, provide RV luxury and a safe drive. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz VS30 Chassis and the Winnebago models that are built on it.

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