The Era 70M










In the motorized RV space, the Class B market continues to grow, in large part due to the success of the Era and this exclusive slideout version with Murphy Plus powered bed.  Its combination of fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and high-end features has introduced a whole new set of enthusiasts to the van style RV. With its fuel efficient and dependable Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, driving your Era more closely assimilated driving your own personal vehicle. Costing thousands less than Roadtrek and Leisure Travel Vans, the Winnebago Touring Coach Era never ceases to amaze.

Watch the Era 70M walk-around video here.

The Era 70M floorplan features a slideout, permanent dry bath, a very comfortable powered Murphy+ Bed, and Truma Combi heating and hot water system for even more indoor enjoyment.

This new 70M includes the latest in mid-year continuous improvements:

  1. Pure sine wave inverter, 1000 watts, which allows you to power household appliances directly off the dual deep cycle group 31 AGM absorbed glass mat maintenance free batteries
  2. Standard now is 200 watts of Zamp solar, expandable via rooftop or thru the portable quick port connection to charge the dual AGM batteries
  3. Dual door 6 cubic foot compressor driver refrigerator and freezer featuring contemporary flush mount styling and features a quiet, hermetically sealed compressor, which is self-ventilated for easier integration into RVs. The 12V fan aids airflow across the condenser and compressor for improved cooling and features a convenient automatic temperature control with storage for 2 liters, half gallon and full gallon containers.
  4. OmniGo omnidirectional amplified HDTV antenna
  5. Multiplex lighted wall switches with master light switch and control via Precision Plex app for Android and iOS Apple

All new interior refinements:

  1. High gloss cabinetry, which is lightweight to preserve cargo carrying capacity, yet is moisture and humidity resistant
  2. Under cabinet accent lighting
  3. Continuous dimmable race track ceiling lighting, which eliminates shadows
  4. New Firefly multiplex wiring allows single touch controls to lighting, monitoring systems, powered awning controls, energy management and so much more!
  5. Advanced all new climate control system:
  6. The Era features the new, 97% efficient, Truma Combi heating and hot water system.
  7. Provides quick hot water recovery and heat with LP and electrical heating.
  8. Zamp 200-watt solar system with solar panel battery charger and controller, junction box, and plug for additional portable solar panel
  9. Refined rear end interior finishing with concealed storage, finished in weather resistant synthetic leather
  10. New larger bath surround at 24 x 31 inches with a single control shower and faster adjustments to temp to conserve water.
  11. Corian bathroom countertops
  12. Textured glass show door
  13. New three burner range combo
  14. New single control faucet
  15. Decorative heat shield over the stove

This coach is powered by the tried and true Mercedes-Benz powertrain:

  1. Mercedes Benz 3.0-liter turbo diesel, estimated to achieve 18 to 22 mpg highway
  2. 325 lbs. feet of torque or power, which provides for 5,000 lb. factory installed towing
  3. 188 hp.
  4. Five speed automatic transmission with grade braking capability via the Tip Shift transmission
  5. Dual front airbags
  6. Four-wheel ABS

Includes the following factory installed options:

  1. Infotainment Center with Rand McNally RV GPS, including an all-new 9 inch higher resolution touch screen color monitor with capacitive touch screen much like an iPad or iPhone, Rand McNally RV GPS safe & easy routing, amenities and tools, trips and content, turn by turn voice guidance, CD DVD player, SiriusXM satellite radio, compass, outside temperature, iPod, iPhone, Siri Eye, audio integration, Bluetooth hands free calling, and so much more.
  2. Exterior stainless steel lower valance panel trim

Includes the following exterior highlights, in addition to the specifications on our website page and brochure:

  1. 24.5-gallon fuel capacity
  2. 9.5-gallon LP capacity
  3. Continuous unlimited water heater capacity, Truma Combi LP and 110-volt electric
  4. 30-amp electrical service
  5. 13,500 BTU high efficiency air conditioner


Contact at Lichtsinn RV sales consultant today to find out more about the Winnebago Era 70M!

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Our Favorite Moments of 2018

It has been an amazing year for all of us at Lichtsinn RV! With 2018 coming to an end and 2019 quickly approaching we wanted to look back at 2018 and share with you some of our favorite moments!


Lichtsinn RV Named #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America for the 4th Year in a Row

The Lichtsinn RV Team is Here to Support You for the Duration of Your RV Ownership!

In 2018, Lichtsinn RV was recognized as the #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America for the 4th consecutive year by Winnebago Industries at the Winnebago Redefined Dealer meeting in San Diego, CA. Lichtsinn RV was also named the #1 dealer of Class B motorhomes, #1 dealer of class c motorhomes, a top 2 dealer for class a diesel motorhomes, and a top 5 dealer for class a gas in North America.

Exciting, New Products from Winnebago

Winnebago Revels Now Instock at Lichtsinn RV
The Winnebago Revel
Winnebago Travato Pure3 Energy Management System Pros and Cons
The Winnebago Travato 59KL and 59GL
What Makes Winnebago's SuperStructure So Super
The Winnebago Adventurer

Winnebago introduced a handful of new, exciting products from late 2017 through 2018. The first being the Winnebago Revel – a true 4×4, all-season RV perfect for getting off the beaten, next Winnebago introduced the Travato 59KL and 59GL with the Pure3 Lithium Energy Management System powered by Volta Systems. The Travato 59KL and 59GL is Winnebago’s first venture into lithium-powered RVs and it has been an exciting one. And at the end of 2018, Winnebago brought back the legendary Class A gas motorhome – the Adventurer.

Lichtsinn RV in BACK at Grand National Rally

Lichtsinn RV is BACK at GNR!
Lichtsinn RV is BACK at GNR!

In July 2018, we were so excited to be back at WIT Club’s Grand National Rally! Our entire team had a great week seeing all the familiar faces and making new friends. This year, we held a BBQ at the dealership and welcomed over 500 WIT Club members for an evening of food, fun, and fundraising games for the American Cancer Society.

Lichtsinn RV in the News

Behind the scenes of Going RV!
Behind the scenes of Going RV!

Lights, Camera, and Lichtsinn RV! This year, we were fortunate to be featured on Great American Country’s Going RV – a national TV show exploring the RV buying process, RV Industry Publication RV Pro, and a new show debuting on Outside TV. We were also featured in state and local press.

The Lichtsinn RV Team Grows

New additions to the Lichtsinn RV team and another renovation!
New additions to the Lichtsinn RV team and another renovation!

The Lichtsinn RV team added 12 new members to the team in the sales, finishing, and service departments. With our additional staff, we remodeled our building again, adding additional offices for the new members of the Lichtsinn RV team!

Happy 60th Birthday Winnebago

Happy 60th Anniversary to Winnebago.
Happy 60th Anniversary to Winnebago.

2018 was the 60th anniversary of Winnebago Industries, and as a trusted Winnebago dealer for over 40 years we were excited to help celebrate this momentous occasion.

Compact Coach Rally Kickoff Party at Lichtsinn RV

Lichtsinn RV's Ben Follman, Master RVDA Certified Technician Leads a Seminar on Awning and Slideout Maintenance.
Lichtsinn RV’s Ben Follman, Master RVDA Certified Technician Leads a Seminar on Awning and Slideout Maintenance.

Forest City welcomed the Skinnie Winnie and Fuse owner’s group to town for their annual rally in September. Lichtsinn RV kicked off the festivities with an entire day of educational and entertaining seminars, led by our RVDA Master Certified RV Technicians, about compact coach product, parts, and service tips. We entertained for nearly 200 Winnebago View, Navion, Via, Reyo, Trend, Viva, Fuse owners over the course of a day.

Giving Back to Our Community

Lichtsinn RV Diamond Sponsor of Boman Fine Arts Center

In 2018, Lichtsinn RV continued to donate to various charitable causes through our We Care Charitable Giving Program. We continued to donate money to the Forest City School District, the Forest City Fire Department, Forest City Education Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the Forest City YMCA. In 2016, Lichtsinn RV donated to the fund to build the Boman Fine Arts Center in Forest City, and in late 2018 the center held its grand opening. In October, Hurricane Florence devastated the Carolinas, and after the hurricane subsided, Gayle a Lichtsinn RV guest loaded her new Revel with supplies to assist in the cleanup. The team at Lichtsinn RV brought in various supplies to send with Gayle to provide relief. It is the season for giving at Lichtsinn RV, and in the month of December members of the Lichtsinn RV team donated Christmas gifts to over 20 kids through the local giving tree program.

2018 was a year filled with amazing moments for Lichtsinn RV and all our team members. We want to thank all our guests who helped make this year a very special one and we look forward to what 2019 brings!

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs.

Doctor’s Orders: You Need More Nature

Scotland doctors are the latest to prescribe something we all already knew to be true: nature is good for your mental and physical well being—and RVing is the perfect way to get outside. Imagine planting your feet in the soft beach sand or hiking a pine-tree-lined trail at a national park. No matter where you escape into nature, we can all feel the benefits of the outdoors in our daily lives.

Exercise Blog

Here are a few of the ways an RV trip can help relieve what ails you—and fulfill doctor’s orders.

Turn off the technology

Our addiction to technology is changing us, and it’s got the majority of us in its grasp. So many of us feel obligated to answer emails and field phone calls 24/7. Those of us who struggle to fall asleep likely have read the recommendations to turn our devices off an hour or two before bed and avoid the light of a screen when we’re trying to sleep and recent research shows the benefit of cutting screen time for families.
All this is to say, make sure to turn off your devices to get the most benefit from your trek through nature.

Combat depression

Although the science hasn’t been fully proven, research suggests that being outdoors can be a mood booster. Being in the outdoors leads to mindfulness, which is a key piece of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Although getting outside can’t treat depression on its own, it’s a healthy part of self-care and a useful tool to pair with other methods of treatment.

Get your daily Vitamin D

The main ways to get vitamin D are through exposing your bare skin to sunlight and through supplementation. The former is more effective, although those in northern climates—and placed further from the equator—may not be able to get much or any vitamin D this way. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to a variety of conditions, which is one main reason the doctor prescribes nature. 

Exercise in the Outdoors

Exercise is so important, but it can be really tough to establish lasting habits around exercise. However, if you make exercise a part of your daily outdoor routine, it becomes easy to make time for, and that’s especially true when you’re on an RV trip. Most of us don’t purchase an RV to spend the day inside: we want to take an RV trip to get out in nature!


So find a hike, climb a tree or a mountain, kayak a river or catch some fish.

Taking an RV trip can be a major opportunity for self care. Get out in nature to exercise and see new places. Your blood pressure will drop (naturally). You’ll use muscles that sit unused while you’re at your desk. As a growing body of literature suggests, the outdoors are truly essential to your health.

So it’s time to hit the road and hit the trail: doctor’s orders!


Article Contribution of: Jamie Feinberg, Outdoorsy

Original Article can be found here:

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5 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing From Freezing When Winter Camping

In previous posts, I have touted the joys of winter camping and all the fun family winter activities that can be enjoyed in an RV.

Now, if you choose to take up winter camping and your travels will take you to areas with sub-freezing weather, there are several precautions you should be aware of.

The number one concern is keeping your RV plumbing from freezing. Not just the freshwater system, but the waste holding tanks too.

Winter camping is an enjoyable experience and there are easy ways to offset challenges. If you are new to sub-freezing camping, I suggest your first outing be at a campground that has electrical hookups. Having access to shore power provides plenty of energy to keep everything warm, the furnace running and removes the concern for keeping the batteries charged, which is a whole other entry.

You will probably want to leave your RV winterized until you reach camp and take on water upon reaching the campground.

Lichtsinn RV Guest Winnebago Revel Photo
Lichtsinn RV Guest Winnebago Revel Photo

Once you’re at your site, there are several things you will need to perform to protect your plumbing and keep things running smooth.

  1. Unless you have a heated freshwater hose, *fill your freshwater tank upon arriving, then drain and store the hose. Nothing takes the fun out of winter camping more than trying to coil a 25-foot water hose that is frozen stiff. (*Note: If your freshwater tank is not heated and you are concerned it might freeze over the course of your campout, leave enough room for expansion in the event the water freezes as to not split your water tank open).
  2. If you have an exterior shower, remove the shower head from the hose and make sure it is drained. While the hose and nylon faucet can typically withstand freezing, the shower head is the most susceptible to damage from freezing. If the back of your exterior shower opens up into an interior RV cabinet, like under the bathroom sink, leave the cabinet door open to protect the lines to the faucet and provide some heat to the back of the faucet itself.
  3. If you have electric hookups, consider taking an electric heater with you to save propane and furnace time. For safety, buy an electric heater (that shuts off if it tips over) or an oil-filled electric heater. I carry an oil-filled heater as there is no fan to make noise to keep me awake at night.
  4. Know where your freshwater pipes are located. If they are located in the back of your cabinets, leave the cabinet doors cracked so heat can circulate to them. If they are located in the floor along the heating ducts, make sure your furnace cycles occasionally to prevent them from freezing.
  5. Keep your holding tanks and valves from freezing by adding RV antifreeze to the tanks. The amount you will need to add will be proportional to the contents in each tank. Also, if your travels to and from the campground will be through winter conditions, be aware that ice can build up on your dump valves and termination cap (see below photo), which makes for an interesting proposition when you go to dump your tanks.

Subfreezing camping and the precautions and trials that come with it is just another adventure in RVing. Get out there and enjoy!

Article Contribution of: Dave Helgeson, RV Life Magazine

Original Article can be found here:

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How to Avoid Winter Camping Problems in Your RV

Proper preparation and gear are essential to avoid winter camping problems.

Let’s look at five winter camping challenges and how to avoid them.

Photo Courtesy of Lichtsinn RV Guest
Photo Courtesy of Lichtsinn RV Guest

1. Keeping holding tanks from freezing

After a weekend of winter camping, the next step is to pull into the dump station to empty your tanks. You then pull the dump valve and nothing happens as the contents are frozen.

Now, you will have to wait until they thaw before you can dump the waste. To avoid this, consider using a holding tank heater. They are similar to electric blankets and attach to the underside of the holding tanks with adhesive.

If you’re just an occasional winter camper, pour non-toxic RV Antifreeze in your tanks through the P-traps or toilet. This will keep the contents slushy. Some RVers recommend using rock-salt, but it can corrode metal parts in the gray and black plumbing systems.

2. Maintaining heat

Regardless of how well you seal up your windows and vents to keep out the cold, you will still need an adequate heat source to keep your RV from freezing up.

This is just one of the winter camping problems you’ll face. To overcome this, your built-in forced-air furnace should always be the primary source as the ducts are routed to keep the plumbing from freezing and keeping the occupants warm.

Further, a secondary option is oil-filled electric heaters. They emit a mild radiant heat, are essentially noise-free, and present little fire hazards.

Catalytic Safety Heater, which run on propane rather than electricity, offer radiant heat and operate safely below the combustion level of flammable materials. Also, finding out how to effectively maintain power when winter camping is also pertinent to enjoying cold winter camping.

3. Sealing windows, vents, and skylights

How to find and prevent leaks in your RV is important any time of the year. But during winter it’s essential to keep yourself and your plumbing system warm by keeping the warm air in.

So, while leaks need to be detected (and fixed), you also need to increase insulation for winter camping. Windows, roof vents, and skylights are good places to start. The majority of RV windows are single-pane and many don’t seal well. One option is to install storm windows (if offered by the manufacturer).

Another solution is to insert heat shrink film on the insides of the windows. This is a clear film that you cut to size, stretch over your windows, and then heat shrink with a hairdryer. It’s available at most home improvement stores.

Roof vents and skylights are the next places to insulate. Most RV accessory stores sell RV vent cushions, which fit into standard roof vents. They can simply push up in place. For larger openings like skylights, vent cushions can be custom made to fit precise sizes.

4. Ensure a fresh water supply

Winter camping problems also extend to keeping a supply of fresh water. If you hook up to the campgrounds water spigot, you may freeze your hose.

To offset this, utilize an electrically-heated RV hose, which is basically a hose with built-in heat tape.

Another option is to leave a faucet dripping as moving water doesn’t easily freeze. If you do this, have your gray tank open or a significant gray tank capacity. Or, fill your freshwater tank and utilize your water pump.

When your fresh water tank runs dry, refill it with the campground spigot. Also, drain or store the water hose somewhere warm between tank fillings.

5. Getting your fridge to run properly

Who would think keeping food cold would e a problem when winter camping?

Two problems can possibly crop up. The first is the mixture of chemicals and fluids in the refrigerator’s cooling unit can start turning into a gel below 20° F. This slows down the recirculating and cooling process.

Another potential problem is the refrigerator thermostat sensor may sense cold air coming through the exterior refrigerator vents, rather than the cold air in the food box. This may cause the refrigerator to cycle-off.

So, to avoid these winter camping problems, block the first two or three top vent slots of the exterior refrigerator access door. This will keep cold air from the back of the refrigerator.

Don’t forget to remove the obstructions after your campout. For your refrigerator’s thermostat sensor, use a nonflammable material in the event it might come loose and contact the refrigerator burner or electric heating element.

Once you realize these issues and start enjoying yourself, you’ll soon find out why RVing in winter can offer great experiences.

Article Contribution of: Dave Helgeson, RV Life Magazine

Original Article can be found here:

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5 Ways RVing in Winter can offer Great Experiences

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5 Ways RVing in Winter Can offer Great Experiences

Most people don’t associate camping with winter, but there are many reasons why RVing in Winter can be one of the best times to camp and enjoy the outdoors. While preparing for winter camping is a must to some degree for most rigs, it opens up new adventures you can look forward to every season.

Photo Courtesy of Lichtsinn RV Guest
Photo Courtesy of Lichtsinn RV Guest

Five Ways RVing in Winter Can offer Great Experiences

  1. Exploring is Easier

With the Foliage off the trees and underbrush often flattened by the snow, RVing in winter means RVers can see more and traverse off trails easier. So, this allows the exploring of places that are not always accessible during summer. Further, in colder climates, lakes and ponds freeze up, meaning you can “walk on water” and access areas that would otherwise require a boat. Stargazing is also clearer as the cold crisp, winter air allows better views of celestial bodies. Additionally, those in northern locations can even admire the Northern Lights.

  1. It Costs Less

Most RV parks and campgrounds offer winter rates with considerable savings. In Washington State, where I live, seniors can purchase an off-season state park pass for $75, which allows them to camp for free in standard campsites from October through the end of March (or utility sites for $10 per night). Also, with often limited hook-ups this time of year, there are concerns about RV plumbing freezing. With a little know-how, there are ways to keep your plumbing from freezing when winter camping.

  1. You Can Enjoy Different Activities

Summer camping lends itself to hiking, swimming, biking and boating. Conversely, in the winter months RVers can go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and sledding/tubing. RVs are the perfect way to enjoy these winter sports. The storage space can easily accommodate most of the required gear and provide a warm dry place to return to at the end of the day.

  1. There’s No Crowds

Not only are campsites cheaper in the winter, but the they have less crowds (if not practically empty). Also, less crowds means less noise from other campers, a larger selection of campsites and the chance to enjoy the amenities in relative solitude.

  1. No Bugs

Flying and biting insects, like mosquitoes, are reasons why people dislike camping. In the winter, insects are either frozen out or have gone dormant providing for a bug-free environment. So, leave the bug spray at home.

Get out there and try RVing in winter, you just may discover it`s your new favorite season of the year. Plus, you may never have to winterize your RV again.

Article Contribution of: Dave Helgeson, RV Life Magazine

Original Article can be found here:

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Ability and Mobility Enhanced Winnebago RVs

Winnebago Industries is pleased to be one of the only RV manufacturers to build motorhomes specifically tailored for those individuals with physical challenges. As the top Winnebago Dealer in the country, located only 1 mile from the Winnebago Factory, we are experienced in working with guests from all over North America in need of a motor home tailored to their specific physical challenges.

Ability Enhanced/Accessibility Enhanced/Ability Equipped/Accessibility Enhanced whatever the terminology, the goal is the same,  to allow guests with special physical needs the ability to get out there on the road enjoying RVing.  Ability Equipped motor homes can include any number of features including wheelchair lifts, roll-in showers, conveniently located controls, and a host of other items. Ability Enhanced means convenience and opportunity without sacrificing style or function. For RVers with physical challenges, the Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced Rvs can be specially equipped to allow you to: Travel comfortably to visit family and friends — and still sleep in your own bed each night, bring pets or service animals along with you in the motorhome, travel to faraway places without the hassles of flying, get away from the routine of everyday life and build lasting memories!

Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced Motor Home

CLICK HERE to see more information on Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced Motor Homes.

To find out more about Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced RVs contact a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today at 1-800-343-6255.

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Winnebago Travato’s Pure3 Energy Management System

Winnebago released a lithium-powered version of the Travato available in the 59GL and 59KL floorplans. The Winnebago Travato 59KL and 59GL floorplans are equipped with the Pure3 Energy Management System the most powerful, durable and easy-to-use lithium energy system in the industry. This best-in-class system is built in the U.S.A in partnership with Volta Power Systems.

Features of the Pure3 System Include:

    • Full system design to ensure safe, reliable operation
    • Seamless switchover from shore power
    • Compact and light weight
    • Automotive-grade wiring and connectors
    • Charges while driving or from shore and solar
    • US-built. Same automotive-grade technology used in hybrid vehicle and EV applications
    • Temperature controlled battery compartment

Power Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Travato - Featured Blog

The most powerful 3600W pure sine inverter, bringing 30 amps of
power whereever you go! The MPPT solar controller provides best-in-
class solar absorption, up to 30% better than competitors, giving
you more off-grid performance. Travato comes standard with the
200W with ports to plug in additional panels.

Reliability Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Travato

The Winnebago and Volta team included the best
automotive-grade electrical connectors and
wiring harness
 to ensure trouble-free operations.

Operation Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Travato

Under 200 lbs. the three-module automotive-grade energy
pack provides 8,700 Whrs. Watertight and durable, the steel
housing is the safest in the market. Travato’s dedicated 58V
alternator is 2x as powerful as competitors. Its compact
design keeps it out of the way of curbs and road debris.


Sustainability Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Tra

 Winnebago’s Auto-Start and high-idle control
significantly extends air conditioner run time. One simple
gauge changes color to let you know how much
energy is remaining with just a glance.

Winnebago Travato Inventory with the Pure3 Energy Management System 

Call the Lichtsinn RV Sales Department at 1-800-343-6255 to find out more about the Pure3 Energy Management System and Pure3 Powered Travatos In-Stock.

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RV Packing List – Commonly Needed Items for your RV

Anyone who has spent much time camping has quickly realized that in addition to your RV, plus any personal items you might need…there are many more things you need before you hit the road. Between leveling your coach – hooking it up to water/sewer/electricity the supply list continues to grow!

At Lichtsinn RV we try to make it easy for our guests so when you are ready to take that trip you’ve been planning…you can enjoy your time, not spend it trying to find the local store to pick up supplies you may have forgotten or not realized you might need (and they might not have anyways.)

To help with this we have identified the top items our guests most often need when going camping.

Lichtsinn RV Parts Wall
Lichtsinn RV Top Items Selling Items



Quick Fill Water Tank Filler – Cuts fill-time in half

Water Regulator – Protects RV plumbing from high pressure

Cable/Hose Clamp

RV Flow-Pur Drinking Water Filter, 3M Filter, or Aqua-Pure Drinking Water Cartridge

Water Filter Cartridge

WATER FRESH – Drinking Water Freshener

Aqua Pro 25’ White Drinking Water Hose

Zero G 25’ Drinking Water Hose with Tru-Flex Core to prevent kinking

Brass 90’ Hosesaver


Graduated Scale Levels with Adhesive Mount

Plastic Wheel Chocks – Prevent rolling – durable high-impact plastic

Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitor

Step Stabilizer

Winnebago Tire Gauge

Lynx Caps (4)

Lynx Levelers – The Original RV Leveling System

Ultra Tyre Guard – With exclusive ADCO Bungee Ball Type securing system with reinforced grommets


20’ Rhino Flex RV Sewer Kit – RV Sewer hose kit

RV Hydroflush – Breaks up plugged waste tanks

GatorSkin Nitrile Mechanics Gloves  – Textured surface for better grip

Aqua-Foam RV Toilet Cleaner

Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deoderizer – With Portion Control System

Duraflex Soft Sponge Gasket

ELEMONATE Grey Water Deoderizer – Freshens sink and drain lines, deodorizes gray tank

Toilet Tissue

15’ Slunky Hose Support – With deep pocket for added stability


30 Amp to 50 Amp Pigtail Adapter with Handle

Powergrip 50 to 15 Amp Adapter

30 Amp to 20 Amp Adapter

(Additional size Adapters Available)

High Amp Fuse Emergency Kit

25’ Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Surge Guard Model 34730 – RV Power Protection


Collapsible Full Size Broom

Final Touch Long Handle Brush

CRC Power Lube – Schwintek high performance lubricant

Slide-Out Dry Lube Protectant – Industrial Grade

303 Aerospace Protectant – Ultimate UV Protection

Bug-Off – For instant bug removal


Fridge Cool Fan – Cuts initial refrigerator cool-down time by up to 50%

Pop-A-Bag – To organize grocery bags

Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

Flexible Cutting Mat – To protect countertops

Tall Pop-Up Trash Can

Kleer Temp Slim Outdoor Thermometer

Double Refrigerator Barkeepers – to keep items in place

Mini RV Dish Drainer

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

24 oz. Tervis Cup

Flying Insect RV Furnace Screen – For outside furnace fittings

Collapsible XL Cargo Box

WeatherTech Bumpstep

WeatherTech Mat

Slip Stop – Non-adhesive gripping fabric for shelving

Folding Step Stool

Patio Mat and Patio Stakes– Small Mat 36”x68” (Additional Sizes Available)


Find these and many more parts in the Lichtsinn RV Parts Department. We ship parts throughout the United States and Canada. We also offer a 10% discount on all Winnebago and Itasca parts to Winnebago WIT Members. Call the Lichtsinn RV Parts Department today  at 1-800-343-6255 for more information or to order some RV parts or accessories today!

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Winnebago’s E-Coat Process

Winnebago’s electrocoating (E-Coat) process cycles parts and assemblies through a 10-stage, full-immersion system. The E-Coat system is similar to that used by automotive companies and helps protect against corrosion.

Winnebago E-Coat Video



This system is unique to Winnebago and keeps us ‘best in class’ among motorhome manufacturers. Extensive amounts of steel are used in Winnebago motorhomes for strength and durability and it is vitally important to protect the steel through the e-coat process to help reduce corrosion. We take pride in going above and beyond to deliver a true quality advantage that helps extend the life of our motorhomes. No one else in the industry has this capability.

The e-coat system processes piece parts and assemblies through a 10-stage, full-immersion electro-coating system capable of accepting loads 5′ wide x 16′ long x 6′ high. The first seven stages are used for pretreatment and involve cleaning, treating with a nano-ceramic conversion coating and deionized water rinse for good conductivity. The final three stages are used for the e-coat and rinse cycles. Electro-deposition is accomplished by charging the components with electricity, and then paint film is bonded to the body to a desired thickness.

The Winnebago E-Coat Process, one more way we strive to build the best RV in the market!

To find out more about Winnebago product quality measures or for Winnebago Inventory please contact a Lichtsinn RV Sales Team member at 1-800-343-6255.

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