Roof Cove Maintenance for your RV

Roof Cove Maintenance for your RV is an important topic that is a “must-need” heading into the Fall/Winter months. In this blog we’ll cover a few products that we recommend for maintaining your roof cove on your RV, frequently asked questions regarding roof cove maintenance and a comprehensive video that features a few roof cove maintenance demonstrations done by our Service Director, Brian Buffington.

A few products that we recommend:

-Acrysol (great for cleaning up old silicone before applying new silicone)

-Manus-Bond Sealant (good for standard high glass gel coat)

-Clear Silicone

-Stone Masonry Sealant

A few FAQ’s that guests periodically ask us about Roof Cove Maintenance for their RV:

(Q): Is it safe to walk on the roof?

(A): Yes, it is safe assuming you have steady balance or something to secure you from falling. The one piece fiber glass roof itself is very sturdy.

(Q): How many years has Winnebago been utilizing the one piece fiber glass roof?

(A): Winnebago has be utilizing the one piece fiber glass on nearly every RV for the past 50 years.

(Q): How can you tell if the sealant around a skylight needs to be replaced?

(A): If your sealant is becoming discolored it’s generally a good sign that there is a void that needs to be taken care of.

(Q): What is the best way to clean the sealant on your roof?

(A): We recommend acrysol or any other rv roof cleaner.

Video demonstrations

In this video below we cover applying sealant to coves, using acrysol to clean old sealant before applying new sealant and covering the types of silicone for roof protection.

August Live Webcast

Sealants can be purchased directly for our RV Parts Department at 1-800-343-6255