RV Gear: Rhino Extreme Sewer Hose Kits

The RhinoEXTREME 15’ and 20′ sewer hose kit features a bayonet style fitting that connects securely onto your sewer outlet and locking rings to ensure a secure fitting. The hose won’t crush if accidentally stepped on, and offers superior protection against pinholes and abrasion. The 4-in-1 adapter fits any sewer connection and secures to your hose, eliminating the need for weights to keep it in place. The translucent elbow allows you to see when your tank is empty. When you are finished emptying your tanks and have rinsed out your hose, secure the end caps into place to prevent unwanted dripping and store in your 4-inch square or larger bumper. If you ever need to replace your hose, the swivel fittings and locking rings are detachable and can be used again and again.

The locking rings and the fittings twist together to securely attach the fitting to the hose without using glue. To attach the locking rings and fittings, twist the black locking ring in the unlock direction down the hose 5 or 6 inches. Then, screw on the fitting in the ‘tighten’ direction until it stops. Once the fitting is set, twist the locking ring back up the hose in the lock direction until the teeth at the top of the ring are firmly engaged with the fitting. There are arrows on each part indicating which direction to turn it. ALWAYS make sure to test the fittings and locking rings for a tight fit before emptying your tanks.

Key Features
  • Resistant to abrasion and pinholes, won’t crush
  • End caps included to prevent dripping when not in use
  • Four-prong bayonet style fitting with gasket ensures a tight, secure connection
  • 4-in-1 adapter fits any standard sewer connection
  • Translucent elbow allows you to see when your tank is empty
  • Durable RhinoEXTREME TPE hose reinforced with steel wire
  • Detachable fittings can be reused on new hoses

This is available in either 15′ or 20′ lengths. To learn more or order please contact the Lichtsinn RV Parts Department by calling 1-800-343-6255 or emailing parts@lichtsinn.com