RV Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In a recent Lichtsinn RV Live, Brian Buffington, Lichtsinn RV Service Director, answered some of our frequently asked questions of the service department and answered our audience’s questions live. Here are our RV Service FAQs –

Watch our video on Service FAQs and Winnebago’s Fiberglass Roof here.

Can I hook up a 2 Amp trickle charger to a Class A gas or Diesel without disconnecting the batteries? 

It is always recommended to unhook the battery when working with any chassis items to prevent damage or health hazards. 

When winterizing an RV using the dry method, is it required to charge the system with antifreeze? 

Not necessarily, but there are a few other steps you have to do with that method. It is best to refer to your owner’s manual to see the recommended steps to winterize using air. We like to suck up a little RV antifreeze in the pump to protect it and then make sure to put antifreeze down all the drains. 

What is the recommended installation for solar on a fiberglass roof? 

Most manufacturers’ panels come with the mounting brackets. 98% of the solar panels we install are done by mounting the panel by cutting into the roof and resealing it. There is an option for mounting a panel without cutting into the roof and we do that as well. 

What is the max height for a solar panel? 

It depends on the layout of the roof. Generally, the lower the better. You don’t want to get it too high and get a parachute effect.

With a diesel engine how do you recommend you break it in?

Our recommendations are based on the chassis manufacturers recommendations. 1,000 mile break in at various speeds without a tow car to properly seat the cylinders. 

Can I upgrade my house batteries to lithium?

Yes, we do it all the time. There are some additional considerations we would need to take into account based on your RV. If you are interested please call our service department at 1-800-343-6255 and we will assist.

Is it difficult to remove the stabilizer jacks?

 Stabilizer jacks are not difficult to remove if you have the right tools. It can be difficult to access the bolts that would need to be removed. 

How should I maintain the house batteries?

If you have flooded lead acid batteries with a water level – watch the water level in the batteries, don’t leave it plugged in all the time, and keep the batteries clean.  

What should I do of the tank levels are not reading correctly? 

Make sure you are doing black tank flushes frequently if you have that feature. Thetford also makes some good products to help clear out your tanks. 

Is it better to use the electric function of a heater instead of LP, if you have access to electricity?

We always recommend using electricity to conserve LP. 

What cleaners should you use on the roof of a Winnebago View? 

As needed, use general soap and water and be very careful it can be very slippery. 

Do all Winnebago motorhome models have fiberglass roofs? 

Winnebago’s more price conscious products like the Intent, Outlook and Vita have a dicor roof membrane. However, underneath the dicor membrane the roof is still constructed with the same industry-leading SuperStructure Construction method as Winnebago’s fiberglass roofs. 

How do fiberglass roofs hold up to hail?

Fiberglass roofs hold up excellently to hail. We used to own an auto dealership when we would have hail we wouldn’t worry about the fiberglass roofs on the RVs. 

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