RV’ing Off the Grid! Why You Need a Composting Toilet

Composting toilets are eco-friendly and function by turning human waste into usable hygienic fertilizer, separating liquids from solids. A Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is easy to assemble and looks just like a regular toilet. Unlike your traditional RV toilet system that can use roughly two quarts of water per flush, composting toilets use no water, require no septic hookups or chemicals. Composting Toilets use little to no electricity, less than 2 amps in 24 hours for the small computer fan required in the toilet.

The Composting Toilet is its own ecosystem that separates the “liquids” and the “solids.” That toilet has a door that filters the “solids” into the lower composting tank and the liquids to the front tank. This keeps the “solids” and the “liquids” from mixing creating a sewer smell.

How to Prep and Dump a Composting Toilet.

When using a Nature’s Head composting toilet or any other brand, you will need to decide what to use as your composting material. Peat moss will work in your toilet and can be found at the local hardware store but a more maintainable option is Coco COIR. Coco COIR can be purchased at a pet shop, hydroponic shop or online.

Getting started:  you will need to hydrate the coco COIR or peat moss with water until no dry clumps are noticeable (make sure not to over water) approx. 1.5-2 liters of water.  Dispense the hydrated material until it levels out, just under or at the agitator. Assemble the toilet back together and its ready for use! You will want to dump solids after 60-80 uses. When dumping liquids usually around 3-4 days depending how much RVing you are doing. “Solids” can then go into a composting pile (some campgrounds do have them) or you can use a composting bag that can be buried, a garbage bag thrown into the trash will do the trick as well. “Liquids” can be diluted and sprinkled on the ground or poured down a sewer. Make sure it’s legal to dump as you plan to before doing so!


-Simple to Install

-Smell is less offensive than a traditional RV Toilet

-Doesn’t create a Biohazard or sewage


-No black tank or hoses in your RV (no plumbing involved)

-No more dump stations

-Environmentally safe (both natural and organic)

-Great plant food

-No extra maintenance

-Save Water AND Energy

-Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet


Call the Lichtsinn RV Parts Department to get a quote on purchasing a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet or any other brand for your RV.