RVTV 2010

RVTV 2010 is back!  Originaly aired last evening March 7 at 8 p.m., but will replay.

HGTV will feature “RVTV: 2010,” the latest annual presentation of an hour-long special showcasing the full spectrum of RVs from the Hershey, Penn., RV show.

The program covers everything from luxurious motorhomes to trailers and toy haulers. This year’s episode offers an “insider’s guide” to the coolest, most loaded, high-tech and eco-friendly RVs as it follows three families on the hunt for the perfect RV. Representatives from RVIA’s agency Barton Gilanelli and Associates were on hand at Hershey to help produce the show. The special will air multiple times throughout the year. Check your local listings.

SOURCE: RV Industry Association press release