Setting Up Your RV Campsite

Campsite Set Up
Setting Up Camp!

A lot of our guests wonder about how to set up camp when they arrive at their camp location.

Keep in mind, every coach is a little different so this list isn’t all-inclusive. However, it’s a great check-list as you start to RV. Keep it handy in your coach until you have your own routine and have mastered camp set-up!

Setting up Camp:

______   Check in at Campground

______   Campsite

______   Trees

______   Obstacles

______   Hook-ups on the right side of coach

______   Park

______  Engage Parking Break

______   Level the coach, if needed

______   Plug in

______   Water – City Water Hook-Up

*Is your lever put to “Normal?”

______   Switch to A/C on your refrigerator – this will draw the energy from the electricity

______   Make it comfy!