5 Nimble Winnebago Motorhomes without Slides

Winnebago has several small, nimble Winnebago Motorhomes that do not have any slides on them. Read about them below. Watch our video on the 5 Nimble Winnebago Motorhomes without Slides here. Winnebago Travato –  The Winnebago Travato provides the best … Continued

RV Class Types Explained A, B, C

Whether you are new to RVing or perhaps new to “motorized” RVing one of the first things you’ll discover is there are different RV Classes: Class A, Class B and Class C RVs and different comforts and accessibility that come … Continued

Feature Teacher: SuperShell Sleeper Deck

Winnebago’s exclusive SuperShell composite hull is produced in a closed mold with injected urethane foam sandwiched between the fiberglass outer shell and an interior panel. This design and manufacturing method is similar to how a high-end cooler is constructed. This … Continued