Tips for Finding a Reputable RV Dealer: RV Parts

Now you have the RV of your dreams, you’ve put a couple thousand miles on it, taking your house on wheels down the road while shaking and rattling it all the way. Chances are sometime in the future, or sooner if you decide you’d like some accessories added, you’ll need to reach out to a Winnebago Parts Department to help you (or your servicing repair facility will) to find a part for your RV. Winnebago does not ship parts directly to guests, so you’ll have to reach out to a Winnebago RV Dealer. Read our Blog to learn more.

Tips for Finding a Reputable RV Dealer: Competitive Financing and Insurance

Financing Online

A factor to consider when selecting a dealer to work with is what their internal financing capabilities are and if they offer any other services in their business office.

Lichtsinn RV has relationships with many different lenders who have superior rates and terms so we are able to customize to fit the needs of our guests! Learn More in our Blog.

Tips for Finding a Reputable RV Dealer: Online Resources and Info

Lichtsinn RV Online Resources

A majority of RV purchases today start with online research, so as a buyer you can compare one RV to another in the comfort of your own home. As you are doing so, take note of what information dealers provide online. Is it limited…leaving you to wonder what are they leaving out?  Is it laid out poorly making it hard to understand and if so, what does this say about what an in-dealership experience with them might look like? That’s why it’s important to find an RV Dealer that is transparent with this information, providing any and all RV information online in addition to verbally.

Tips for Finding a Reputable RV Dealer: Superior Accommodations

Whether it’s your first RV and you’ve decided the RV lifestyle is now for you or you’re a seasoned RVer ready for your next home you’ll spend a lot of time researching the perfect RV for your needs. However, the research process does not end when you’ve decided on that perfect RV, there is another important step… finding the perfect RV DEALER to work with. Read our Blog to learn more.