The Aqua-Hot Heating System in the Winnebago Journey

The Winnebago Journey was inspired in development from automotive design experts with a focus in quiet performance and aerodynamic design. The Journey has the most insulated front end in the RV industry to provide the quietest ride and quietest living, while running the generator.

Winnebago Journey Aqua-Hot System

The Winnebago Journey includes the Aqua-Hot 400D heating system. The Aqua-Hot System uses hydronic heating, which is in essence heating with liquid. There are many differences between the Aqua-Hot System and a regular Forced Air System. The Aqua-Hot System is quiet with low-speed quiet fans. The burner is in the bay area in an Aqua-Hot System, so goes unseen and unheard. A Forced Air System is much louder with high-speed fans and the burner in the main living area. We will review additional differences below.

This Aqua-Hot System is actually three systems in one. It includes the Interior Heating System, the Hot Water System and the Bay Heating System.

The Aqua-Hot Interior Heating System involves 2-3 circulation zones and up to (5) temperature zones. The process starts with liquid in a boiler tank. The liquid is then circulated with a heating zone circulation pump, then flows to a cozy heat exchanger and then possibly another cozy heat exchanger and then finally back to the boiler tank.

The Aqua-Hot System Interior Heating System provides even heat distribution without any cold or hot spots while a Forced Air System allows for uneven heat distribution with hot and cold spots. The Aqua-Hot System provides just a 5 degree temperature difference from the floor to the ceiling. A Forced Air Heating System has approximately a 30 degree difference from the floor to the ceiling. The Aqua-Hot System does not super-heat the air, while a traditional Forced Air System does. Super-heating the air results in an inefficient system and may cause damage to the system. There is no loss of humidity with the Aqua-Hot System while there is a 40% drop in humidity from outside to inside the coach with a Forced Air System. An Aqua-Hot System keeps your coach moist and comfortable, while a Forced Air System can result in dry skin, eyes and sinuses.

The Aqua-Hot Bay Heating System is located in the Bay Area. It heats this area which keeps the pipes and tanks from freezing. A Forced Air System requires an auxiliary heat source to keep the Bay Area warm in cold climates.

The Aqua-Hot Hot Water System features continuous on-demand hot water. This process begins with fresh water from your fresh water tank that is pulled into an RV Water Pump and from there is split between the internal hot water heat exchanger and the mixer valve. The mixer valve mixes hot and cold water. From the mixer valve it comes right out of your faucets with unlimited hot water.

The tankless Aqua-Hot System provides continuous hot water with zero recovery time and a consistent temperature. A Forced Air System includes a tank and limits you to 6-16 gallons of hot water with a 30-60 minute recovery time. 

The Winnebago Journey diesel pusher was designed for luxury travel and entertaining and the Aqua-Hot System provides the comfort and ease to make that possible. Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more about the Winnebago Journey and the Aqua-Hot System.

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