All-Season Camping: The Best 4-Season RVs

RVing in the late fall and winter months is incredibly popular with RVers, especially Camper Van owners. Winnebago manufactures an impressive list of 4-Season RVs, both Camper Vans and Class C motorhomes. Typically, when looking at 4-Season RVs, owners will want to look at how the RV is insulated and heated and how the water systems are prevented from freezing. The models listed below check all three of those boxes!

Winnebago EKKO 

Winnebago EKKO 4-Season RV

The Winnebago EKKO has all of its tanks and water lines located inside the coach and above the floor. It includes extensive all-season insulation in the roof, floor and the thick wall panels. The EKKO features dual-pane acrylic windows and a portable thermal cab partition to create an extra layer of insulation for both cold and hot temperatures. The Winnebago EKKO has multiple insulated exterior compartments to keep your gear protected from the elements. The EKKO also includes a heated holding tank compartment and an insulated water service center. The EKKO has a cassette toilet, so you won’t have to worry about yoru black water tank freezing.

The EKKO is heated with the Truma VarioHeat Comfort Heater which includes a 3 stage burner and consumes only 1 amp draw,  4,700 BTU, 8900 BTU, and 11,500 BTU. The Truma VarioHeat Comfort Heater is highly efficient and compact in size. This system has been tested at a 9,000 ft. elevation and is operational at 11,000 ft..

Standard on-demand AWD in the EKKO engages when the EKKO detects slippage and sends torque or power to the wheels that need it, and doesn’t when it’s not needed to improve fuel economy.  Modes may be selected for muddy, rutted or slippery surfaces with the capability of sending 100% torque to a needed axle. Your camping season doesn’t have to end in the EKKO just because the temperature drops!

Winnebago EKKOs For Sale 

Winnebago Revel 

The off-grid and off-road adventure van, the Winnebago Revel, has been revamped for even better off-road performance and is now built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 chassis with an AWD turbo-diesel engine. The Revel provides the option of adding BF Goodrich T/A K02 all-terrain tires and performance wheels to help maneuverability with your off-road adventures.

The previous model Winnebago Revel was equipped with a 320-amp hour Lithium-Ion battery, providing 4,133 watt-hours allowing it extended off-grid stays. The new 2025 Revel can now stay off-grid even longer with the new Winnebago Power Max system. Fueled by a Lithionics® GTO battery, the Winnebago by EcoFlow® Power Hub Pro is an exclusive 5-in-1 system that delivers unprecedented off-grid power.

The Revel’s hydronic heating system provides comfortable, quiet heating for cold mornings and can easily be controlled by a user-friendly LED touchscreen panel. The easy to maintain surfaces in the Revel heavy-duty vinyl flooring, allow for easy cleanup after your off-road adventures.

While supplies last, we have 4WD Winnebago Revels available for immediate delivery. The function-fueled design of the Winnebago Revel, powered by the reliability of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and the freedom AWD and 4WD means going off-road is never off the table.

Winnebago Revels For Sale

Winnebago Solis 

Winnebago Solis 4-Season RV

The Winnebago Solis was built to be as functional as it is affordable. This camper van was designed so that you and your family can take any adventure on, while featuring a classic rooftop extension (59P and 59PX) allowing you to bring the outdoors in. The Winnebago Solis features automotive grade floor to ceiling insulation and plasticore flooring that adds an additional vapor barrier to the floor of the coach. The Solis also features zippered window coverings that add additional insulation to the coach.

The Solis (59P and 59PX) is heated by the Truma Combi Eco Plus hydronic heating system with on-demand hot water with a hot water loop purge. The 36A Solis Pocket floorplan has a Truma VarioHeat 90% energy efficient furnace. And the 36B Solis Pocket has the Truma Combi Eco Heating System. All of the water systems in the Winnebago Solis are located inside the coach and the Solis includes a heated drainage system. For warmer weather the Solis (59P and 59PX) includes a Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ air conditioner (an upgrade in the 59P n/a with pop-top). The Solis Pocket includes a 13,500 BTU air conditioner. The Solis (59P and 59PX) has a cassette toilet, and the 36B a portable toilet, so you won’t have to worry about your black tanks freezing. The Solis Pocket has earned the Truma Gold Certification for cold weather due to its performance in cold weather temperatures. Enjoy all the seasons in the Winnebago Solis.

Winnebago Solis For Sale

Winnebago Travato 

Winnebago Travato 4-Season RV

The Winnebago Travato features automotive-grade foam all-season roof and sidewall insulation and a plasticore composite insulated flooring that provides an additional vapor barrier. The Travato includes front and rear SumoSprings® which increase ride height and therefore improve stability. The Travato has insulated zippered rear window coverings and optional dual-pane acrylic insulated windows. The optional woven floor mat is easy to remove to quickly clean up melted snow or other debris that comes in on your shoes from the outside. The Travato’s front windshield and cab privacy panels provide a thermal break.

The Travato features above-floor waterlines and a heated drainage system. The Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System in the Travato is a furnace and water heater all in one.  In the summer, you can run this 2.6 gallon quick recovery system as just a water heater, but in cooler climates you can run both the furnace, with the Truma Combi (2) 850-watt heating elements, and the water heater. When the outside temperatures warm, the Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ Air Conditioner will help cool down the coach. The Travato is built to comfortably RV throughout the seasons.

Winnebago Travatos For Sale

Winnebago Boldt

Winnebago Boldt 4 Season RV
Winnebago Boldt

The Winnebago Boldt is the ultimate all-weather camper. The Boldt, built on the Mercedes-Benz VS30 Diesel Chassis,  comes with state-of-the-art, automotive-grade insulation throughout the coach creating your choice of a warm or cool interior. The freshwater tank in the Boldt is enclosed and has a heated pad to keep it warm and the black and gray tanks are heated with electric blankets to allow you to use the water systems in colder weather. The Boldt is heated by the Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System with (2) 850-watt electric heating elements to ensure the coach stays nice and warm in cooler climates. The cab seats in the Boldt are heated to provide additional warmth on cold days. The Boldt is equipped with the Coleman-Mach 10 non-ducted, quiet air conditioner to cool hot days and nights. The Boldt also includes Car to X communication. This communication provides you a warning in your Boldt with Car to X communication if there is heavy rain, fog, icy roads, or accidents ahead. The information is based on automatically collated data from all the vehicles using this technology. You will receive notifications when other drivers encounter a hazardous condition.

There are some optional features in the Boldt that further enhance its 4-season capability. The optional 4WD system in the Boldt includes low range, electronic stability and traction control. You may also choose the optional dual-pane, euro acrylic thermo-insulated windows with cassette shades for your Boldt. These European Style canopy windows with dual pane like properties include a thermal break and solar reflective property. Travel each season in luxury and comfort in the Winnebago Boldt.

Winnebago Boldts For Sale

Winnebago manufactures several great options for 4-season RVing. As the largest Winnebago dealer in North America, we carry Winnebago’s complete lineup of campervans and motorhomes. To learn more about our Winnebago inventory, please call 641-585-3213 to speak with one of our Winnebago Factory Trained Sales Consultants.

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