Do What You Love – All-Season Camping: The Best 4-Season RVs

RVing in the late fall and winter months is incredibly popular with RVers, especially campervan owners. Winnebago manufactures an impressive list of 4-Season RVs, both campervans and Class C motorhomes. Typically when looking at 4-Season RVs, owners will want to look at how it is insulated and heated and how the water systems are kept from freezing. All of the models listed below check all three of those boxes!

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Winnebago EKKO 

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The Winnebago EKKO has all tanks and waterlines inside the coach and above the floor along with extensive all-season insulation in the roof, walls, and floor. The EKKO features dual-pane acrylic windows and a portable thermal cab partition to create an extra layer of insulation for both cold and hot temperatures. The Winnebago EKKO has multiple insulated exterior compartments to keep your gear protected from the elements. Your camping season doesn’t have to end when the temperature drops!

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Winnebago Revel 

Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel was Winnebago’s first entrance into four-season RVs. The Winnebago Revel was made for all-season, off-road adventure and the enhancements for 2021 make the campervan even better! First, the Revel has improved insulation throughout the coach including a new plasticore flooring that adds an additional vapor barrier to the floor of the coach. The Revel also features tinted, dual-pane euro acrylic windows with cassette shades that keep either the heat or cool air inside the coach. The Revel’s lithium batteries are stored within the coach and wrapped with a heat pad for cold weather camping.

The Winnebago Revel features the diesel-fired heating system from Timberline. A heated glycol solution is circulated through the interior of the coach. The glycol is circulated through the instant water heater exchange and by using the diesel burner coupled with 110V electric element support, the heater provides efficient comfort whether dry camping or hooked up to shore power. The Winnebago Revel now has the fresh water tanks stored inside the coach and a heated/insulated gray water tank. The Revel has a cassette toilet, so you will not have to worry about a black water tank.

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Winnebago Solis 

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The Winnebago Solis was built to be as functional as it is affordable. It is meant to be enjoyed on the beach or at the ski slopes. The Winnebago Solis features floor to ceiling insulation and the plasticore flooring that adds an additional vapor barrier to the floor of the coach. The Solis also features zipped window coverings that add additional insulation to the coach. The Solis is heated by the Truma Combi Eco Plus hydronic heating system with on-demand hot water with a hot water loop purge. All of the water systems in the Winnebago Solis are inside the coach. The Solis has a cassette toilet, so you will not have to worry about black tanks freezing. The Solis also features a heated drainage system.

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Winnebago Travato 

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The Winnebago Travato features new all-season roof and sidewall insulation and the new plasticore composite insulated flooring that provides an additional vapor barrier. Winnebago added insulated rear window coverings with zippered coverings and still has the dual-pane acrylic insulated windows and Remi front windshield privacy blinds that are pleated with a thermal break. The Travato features above-floor waterlines and a heated drainage system.

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Winnebago Boldt

The Winnebago Boldt

The Winnebago Boldt is the ultimate all-weather camper. The Boldt comes with state-of-the-art, automotive-grade insulation throughout the coach creating the warmest or coolest interior possible. The freshwater tanks in the Boldt are enclosed and has a heated pad to keep it warm and the black and gray tanks are heated with electric blankets to allow RVers to have access to their water systems in colder weather. The Boldt is heated by the Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System with 2 850-watt electric heating elements to ensure the coach stays nice and warm in cooler climates.

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Winnebago manufactures several great options for 4-season RVing. As the largest Winnebago dealer in North America, we carry Winnebago’s complete lineup of campervans and motorhomes. To learn more about our Winnebago inventory, please call 800-343-6255 to speak with one of our Winnebago Factory Trained Sales Consultants.

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