The Pure3 Volta Lithium Power System in the Winnebago Travato and Boldt

The Class B Winnebago Travato and the Winnebago Boldt are each available with the Volta Power System. This System provides power without compromise and the true freedom to roam. You can charge it everywhere, whether that be from the secondary alternator while driving, from shore power, or from solar. No special infrastructure is required. It allows you to comfortably go off-grid with instant access to up to 12,000 watt-hours of usable energy, with the 4-module energy pack, at the simple push of a button.

Winnebago Travato and Winnebago Boldt Pure3 Volta Power System

In a standard RV, you have to have a secondary engine, a generator or some other device to power all of your RVs devices. However, the Winnebago Travato 59KL and 59GL include a standard 3-module lithium-ion energy pack that provides up to 9,000 usable watt-hours. You can upgrade this to a 4-module energy pack, which is standard on the Winnebago Boldt, to provide up to 12,000 watt-hours to further your off-grid stays. The Volta system in these models allows you to run any device in the coach and maintain charge at all times. This is unlike traditional solutions where you can run your air conditioner but you’d actually be discharging your batteries as you travel so that by the time you get to your destination you’d be out of energy.

With the Volta Power System, with the push of one button, you can rely on powerful simplicity. It is reliable, seamless and virtually maintenance-free so you can focus on your adventure, not on how you will get the power you need for your adventure. You can connect to the System with confidence with the myVolta app which shows current System stats, like remaining charge and System temperature, anywhere with mobile data. AND go green with Volta System and reduce emissions. The Volta System is a nearly-silent System that does not emit fumes, eliminating air and noise pollution.

You can charge your Volta system while you’re driving. To start you’ll first make sure that the Volta System is on. When on, the green button needs to be lit or the system is not recharging. One of the unique things about Volta systems is it requires a higher rpm to charge. It won’t charge at idle mode because in today’s modern engines they’re all designed around emissions with just the right balance when idle. You will not want to put any extra load on your engine at that lowest idle point. Instead there are high idle set points in these RVs.

High idle set points are usually around a 1,000-1,500 rpm average. To get to high idle in these RVs you just need to push the Auto Engine Start Button to bring that idle up. When you’re driving down the road an advantage of having the power attached to the engine is you’re actually harvesting waste energy. These engines are designed for a certain amount of peak power. Anytime you’re not at that peak power the engine is not as efficient as it could be. While you’re driving down the road the alternator is still below the peak power of the Engine. When this happens that extra “waste” energy will go right into your battery tank for later use.

See additional information on the Volta Power System below:


FREEDOM to ROAM – Gain access to REAL off-grid capability without sacrificing the amenities you want. Volta Systems provide all the power you need, including all-night air conditioning, with none of the noise or emissions of a generator.

QUIET and CLEAN – Ditch the loud, smelly generator and choose clean, high-performance power instead. Enjoy the outdoors without disrupting it with fumes and noise. Unlike generators, the Volta’s environmentally conscious power systems charge from solar, shore, or while you drive, using otherwise wasted energy. Leave no trace with a Volta System.

MORE POWER – Experience all the power you need. Volta Systems leverage the highest energy density on the market to deliver more power in less space and with less weight. Run 110V appliances simultaneously, including air conditioning, all day or overnight. Take the comforts of home on the road without having to compromise.

MORE CONFIDENCE – Built on the same automotive-grade technology that powers electric vehicles, Volta Systems are easy to use, virtually maintenance-free, and will last the lifetime of your RV.

MORE SAFETY – Protected by seven layers of safety, Volta Systems are engineered and tested to meet rigorous auto-industry standards, ensuring a System that’s safe and dependable for your whole family.


A Volta System contains an energy storage source (Flex Energy Pack). The Flex Energy Pack is the energy source for your Volta System. A 14-guage steel housing protects the lithium-ion cells, and an internal Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the system, balances the cells, and controls energy output.

In addition to the Flex Energy Pack the Volta System includes an alternator for charging during driving operations and an inverter/charger for shore power charging and 120V AC power distribution. The inverter/charger changes the Flex Pack’s energy from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to power the vehicle’s 120V AC devices (air conditioner, heater, cook top etc.) The inverter also converts shore power (AC) to direct current (DC) for charging the Flex Energy Pack.

The System also includes a secondary alternator. The high-powered, secondary alternator provides charging power directly from your vehicle’s engine to the Flex Energy Pack.

The Volta System includes the converters to create DC power at various voltages. The DC-DC converter drops the Flex Pack’s energy from 58V DC to power your vehicle’s 12V DC or 24V DC devices (vehicle electronics, lights, refrigerator etc.)

And finally, the Volta systems solar controller regulates solar power input from external solar panels into a stable, usable form of energy to charge the Flex Energy Pack.



To turn your system on to power your RV’s electrical systems and devices, simply press the Volta Pushbutton. After a few seconds of system checks, the ON/OFF button and Touchscreen will light up.


To turn your Volta system off, press and release the power button, then allow the system a few seconds to power off. After it has powered down, the touchscreen or SOC gauge shuts down signaling the Volta System is turned off. If the Volta System is off, and a charge source is detected, the Volta System enters Charge Only Mode. The Charge Only Mode occurs when connected to an AC charge source (shore power or generator.) While in Charge Only Mode, the Pushbutton LED flashes green continuously, and the Volta System allows the Flex Energy Pack to charge, but all system loads are disabled. You will not be able to operate the vehicle’s electric systems while in Charge Only Mode.


Monitor the State-of-Charge (SOC) and control the Volta System via the touchscreen. The touchscreen turns on a few seconds after the Pushbutton is preset, a charge source is sensed, or the vehicle is turned on.

System Runtime

Similar to fuel tank levels responding to driving style, the time it takes to drain a Flex Energy Pack from “Full” to “Empty” depends on usage. The two largest loads in an RV that affect the runtime are typically heating and cooling. The more the heating and cooling systems run to maintain the desired temperature inside the RV, the more energy is used.

To maximize runtime Increase the thermostat in warmer climates. Increasing the desired vehicle temperature reduces the amount of time the air conditioner compressor needs to run in warmer climates. In cooler climates, decrease the thermostat. Decreasing the desired RV temperature reduces the amount of time the heating system needs to run in cold climates. Generally, heating using electricity uses almost twice the energy as cooling.

Charging via Shore Power

When plugged into shore power, the Flex Energy Pack samples incoming power for a few seconds to ensure uniformity requirements are met. If incoming power meets the requirements, the Volta System turns on and begins charging the Flex Energy Pack.

If the Volta System does not turn on, or the Flex Energy Pack does not begin to charge, the incoming power is likely not meeting the Volta System requirements. This feature protects the vehicle from brown outs due to insufficient power. Addi­tionally, the system may not accept a charge if plugged into an electronic surge protector.

The Volta System and power distribution systems are similar in complexity to a vehicle engine or generator. Therefore, only Volta trained technicians, such as those at Lichtsinn RV, with in-depth knowledge of Volta Systems should service these components.

The Volta System is easy to use and automatically charges while driving, idling, when connected to shore power or from solar power. Volta provides all the power you need without the noise or emissions of a generator, providing you the freedom to roam. Whether for work or play, you’ll have the power you need. You’ll harvest that energy from the engine keep your battery pack charged and when you get to your destination you’ll be ready to go.

Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more about the Volta Power System in the Winnebago Travato and the Winnebago Boldt.

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