The Top Questions on the Winnebago Revel

The function-fueled design of the Winnebago Revel, powered by the reliability of a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and the freedom of on-demand 4WD means going off-road is never off the table. The true 4×4 Revel also includes complete four-season comfort in the #CamperVanLife #VanLife revolution!

Winnebago Revel Common Questions

Below we have the most common questions asked regarding the Winnebago Revel.


How long is the Winnebago Revel?

Answer: The Winnebago Revel is 19’7” long.

How tall is the Winnebago Revel?

Answer: The exterior height on the Winnebago Revel is 10’ while the interior height measures 6’3”.

How wide is the Winnebago Revel?

Answer: The exterior width of the Winnebago Revel is 7’1” while the interior width is 5’8”


Can a Winnebago Revel Sleep 4?

Answer: The Winnebago Revel is designed to sleep 2 people on its powered lift bed which measures 49”x79”. However, some of our guests have created additional sleeping with aftermarket products using the front cab seats or underneath the power lift bed on the gear garage floor.


Does the Winnebago Revel have a Generator?

Answer: The Winnebago Revel does not have a generator. It is powered by (1) 320-amp-hour lithium-ion battery and includes a second alternator dedicated to charge the battery.

What batteries are in the Winnebago Revel?

Answer: The Winnebago Revel includes a Xantrex Lithionics 320AH lithium-ion battery which provides 4,133-watt hours of energy. These battery can be easily accessed and is housed inside the van in the driver side rear wheel well.


Why is the Winnebago Revel so expensive?

Answer: The Winnebago Revel is a true 4×4 RV with a base MSRP price starting at $210,292. There are very few options to be added to the Revel as most everything comes standard in this Class B Van. The price of the Winnebago Revel starts with the cost of the 4WD Mercedes Benz VS30 Sprinter Chassis it is built on with its numerous safety features, automotive grade insulation and cab conveniences. Additional cost is due to the power the Revel brings with it with the lithium-ion battery and 2,000-watt inverter. Other features include the Revels hydronic heating system providing comfortable and quiet heating, and its flexible floorplan with power lift rear bed with gear garage below and its all-in-one gear closet and wet bath. The Revel is an all-season RV and includes many features to make this possible. Read more on the Winnebago Revel 4-season features HERE. These features and more make up the MSRP of the Winnebago Revel.

To protect our factory discounted pricing and honor our Winnebago Dealer Agreement, Lichtsinn RV does not publish our actual sale pricing online. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant to find out the price of the Revel with your desired options that you are interested in.


How do you winterize a Winnebago Revel?

Answer: Steps to Winterize your Revel

  • Level your Revel
  • Follow winterization process shown on the Nautilus Manifold Water System
  • Ensure proper air circulation inside of your Revel
  • Ensure the air inside your Revel is dry
  • Ensure the tires are properly inflated and store it parked on dry surface if possible
  • Wash the Revel Exterior
  • Ensure the Fuel is fresh
  • Cover any exterior openings that would allow a critter to get inside

These are just some of the items that must be completed to winterize your Winnebago Revel. Watch this video to see further details of how to Winterize your Winnebago Revel. Additional information can also be found in your Revel owner’s manual.

The Revel off-road camper van, built on the 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, includes many innovations giving outdoor enthusiast many choices. The interior offers cab conveniences such as a MBUX touchscreen multimedia infotainment center, cab seats that slide/swivel/recline, DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control, and a dash charging station. The Revel also includes many standard features giving you power even when you are off the grid.

Get outdoors and stay outdoors with the Winnebago Revel Class B diesel motorhome. Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more.

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Information current as of 6/17/21

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