The Top Questions on the Winnebago Travato

The Class B Winnebago Travato has been at the forefront of the #vanlife revolution since its launch. The Travato is built with the latest in Winnebago enhancements and rests upon the powerful, fuel-efficient, and safety enhanced RAM ProMaster chassis.  Estimated to achieve 18 to 22 mpg highway, at only 21 feet long the Travato offers all the comforts of home in a nimble, efficient van!

Winnebago Travato Camper Van

Below we have the most common questions asked regarding the Winnebago Travato.


What is a Winnebago Travato?

Answer: The Winnebago Travato is a Class B Motorhome. A Class B Motorhome is the smallest of the three types of motorhomes (Class A, Class B and Class C.) Winnebago Travatos are also referred to as Camper Vans. Camper Vans are built using an automotive van chassis. The Winnebago Travato Van is built on the RAM Promaster gas van chassis.


How long is the Winnebago Travato?

Answer: The Winnebago Travato is 21” long.

How tall is the Winnebago Travato?

Answer: The exterior height on the Winnebago Travato is 9’4” while the interior height measures 6’3”.

How wide is the Winnebago Travato?

Answer: The exterior width of the Winnebago Travato is 6’9” while the interior width is 6’2”.

How much does the Winnebago Travato weigh?

Answer: The GVWR of the Winnebago Travato is 9,350 lbs. The GVWR is the weight rating of the Travato + the occupants and cargo carrying capacity.


What are the Winnebago Travato Features?

Answer: Each of the 2 Winnebago Travato floorplans are available with Lithium Power. The standard models are the Travato 59G and the Travato 59K. If lithium-power is added to either of these floorplans, an “L” is added to these floorplan names, Travato 59GL and Travato 59KL. Each Winnebago Travato floorplan includes a Wet Bath, designated sleeping area, designated eating area (these areas are one in the same in the 59K floorplan) full kitchen, swiveling cab seats that can be turned to become an integral part of the living space and adjustable/removable tables that can be moved and used in dedicated locations to best suit your needs.

Does the Winnebago Travato have a bathroom?

Answer: The Winnebago Travato includes a Wet Bath. A Wet bath offers all of the features of a standard bathroom in a compact space that includes the sink, shower and toilet. All surfaces in a wet bath are intended to safely get wet.

Does the Winnebago Travato have a spare tire?

Answer: The Winnebago Travato does not include a spare tire, however you may add an after-market spare tire and spare tire carrier from Owl or Aluminess. Contact a Lichtsinn RV Parts consultant to find out more about these after-market options.


How much does a Winnebago Travato Cost?

Answer: The base MSRP price of a Winnebago Travato built on the RAM ProMaster Chassis starts at $135,259 and varies by floorplan. There are options that you may choose that would increase the cost of the MSRP. The most significant variance in price is based on the addition of Lithium Power. This option provides a 3-module lithium-ion energy pack, 3,600-watt inverter, Bluetooth control module, energy pack heating system and a second dedicated alternator that is powered by the chassis engine. This system provides 9,000 usable watt-hours of power and allows you to extend off-grid stays. For even more power you can add a 4-module lithium-ion energy pack which provides 12,000 useable watt-hours of power.

Other options that will increase the MSRP of the Travato include the addition of Ultraleather fabric to the cab seats, Dual-pane acrylic windows, a woven floor mat, front cab air mattress and adding a bike or luggage rack or movable ladder. To protect our factory discounted pricing and honor our Winnebago Dealer Agreement, Lichtsinn RV does not publish our actual sale pricing online. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant to find out the price of the Travato with your desired options that you are interested in.


How do you winterize a Winnebago Travato?

Answer: Steps to Winterize your Winnebago Travato

Level your Travato

Dump the Tanks

Follow winterization process shown on the Nautilus Manifold Water System

Ensure proper air circulation inside of your Travato

Ensure the air inside your Travato is dry

Ensure the tires are properly inflated and store it parked on dry surface if possible

Wash the Travato Exterior

Ensure the Fuel is fresh

Cover any exterior openings that would allow a critter to get inside

These are just some of the items that must be completed to winterize your Winnebago Travato. Click Here to see videos on how to Winterize your Winnebago Travato. Additional information can also be found in your Travato owner’s manual.

The Winnebago Travato is a fuel-efficient, energy-packed Class B gas motorhome. The Travato includes flexible storage for all your gear, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and the convenience of a wet bath on board. Extend your camping season in the Travato with it’s Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System.

Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more.

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Information current as of 12/21

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