The Winnebago Revel Air Conditioner…The Story

The Winnebago Revel 4×4 was designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts, the all new Winnebago Revel takes a no nonsense approach to adventure with a straightforward design and function-driven features. Taking full advantage of the proven 4×4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, the Revel’s 3.0 litre turbo diesel puts 325 lbs ft of torque through an on-demand 4WD system, complete with high and low range and hill descent mode for added off road capability.

Storage and living space are maximized by the flared body and Power Lift Bed that converts to a 49 x 79 inch sleeping surface. Welded aluminum cabinet face frames, dual pane windows with insulated shades,  and snap in screens for fresh air circulation all contribute to the Revel’s off the grid livability.

The high efficiency 13,500 BTU Roof Mounted Air Conditioner on the Winnebago Revel allows for off the grid living as well. The demand from the Air Conditioner upon start up is 2800-3000 watts, once the air conditioner is static it demands 1600-2000 watts.

The Micro Air EasyStart is a great way to provide extra power to your Revel Air Conditioner for that initial increased demand upon start up.

Watch THIS VIDEO to find out more about the power consumption of the Winnebago Revel Air Conditioner.

EasyStart Soft Starters for the Winnebago Revel and Other RV ACs

EasyStart is a best in class soft starter for RV air conditioners!  With unmatched performance and compressor protection features, it allows you to start your air conditioner on a limited power source, such as a smaller generator, inverter or reduced utility hookup, when it otherwise would not have been possible.

  • Start Your AC Without Buying A Second or Bigger Generator or Inverter
  • Run 2 Air Conditioners On A 30-Amp Cord
  • Sleep, with less noise, And Cool All Through The Night
  • Run Your AC with more Appliances At The Same Time


EasyStart is a one of a kind, custom developed soft starter for RV air conditioners. EasyStart deploys a four state soft start ramp sequence that is self optimizing, resulting in the lowest possible start up current. EasyStart can deliver up to 75% start current reduction as compared to a compressor’s LRA (locked rotor amperage). It also has numerous specialized fault checks not found in any other soft starter to provide further protection for your compressor. EasyStart is the perfect solution that allows an air conditioner or refrigeration compressor to operate on a generator, inverter, or limited utility power when it would otherwise not have functioned. It can also be applied to air compressor and fluid pump motors.

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