The Winnebago Revel  vs. the Storyteller Overland

Each year at Lichtsinn RV we help hundreds of guests take to the road, or go off-the-road, in a Winnebago Revel.  The true 4×4 Revel opens up a world of possibilities with off-grid capabilities and complete four-season comfort. As RVers are researching which RV is the best RV for them, we sometimes are asked what the difference is between the Winnebago Revel and the Storyteller Overland?

Both the Revel and the Storyteller Overland are built on the Mercedes Benz 4×4 diesel chassis on the 144” wheelbase. Each floorplan features a rear gear garage and bed. Each floorplan features an in-line galley and swiveling cab seats that can join the bench seat at the dinette. Upon first glance, these coaches might look similar, but as you dig a little further you will find there are significant differences between the two. We have listed the key differences between the Winnebago Revel and the Storyteller Overland below.


REVEL: Outside of the Revel you’ll find a metal exterior ladder that is detachable and movable so you can move it around the coach for easy access to items stored on the roof rack. The ladder mounts on the rear of the Revel and includes a lock to prevent theft. The outside table found on the Revel allows you to further enjoy the outdoors while eating, reading or otherwise. The exterior table on the Revel has an adjustable L-Track Table Mount, allowing you to adjust the table to ensure it is level regardless of the pitch of the ground below it.

STORYTELLER: The Storyteller also has an outside ladder, however, it is in a fixed position on the driver side of the coach making it difficult to easily access items on the roof rack. When driving, the ladder obstructs the driver sideview mirror. While the Storyteller Overland also has an exterior table it is not adjustable, similar to what the Revel had the first year it went into production. The Storyteller exterior table follows the pitch of the ground and may not be level allowing items to slide off of it.


REVEL: Inside of the Revel you’ll find a Wet Bath that includes 2 adjustable storage shelves to store gear. The Revel has dual pane acrylic awning styles windows that allow for greater airflow. The Revel’s windows also provide a thermal barrier from exterior elements and helps reduce heating and cooling loss.

STORYTELLER: Inside of the Storyteller you’ll find a collapsible shower and a “porta-potty style” toilet. The shower faucet is stored in a cabinet. The Storyteller has single pane sliding windows reducing the amount of airflow allowed when the windows are open and allowing for temperature loss.


REVEL: The Revel includes a Euro Loft Power Lift Bed that can be raised or lowered with the push of a button. The mattress on the bed is supported by slats for superior comfort and greater airflow under the mattress.  Once the bed has ceased to be raised or lowered, it is solid in its set position.

STORYTELLER: The bed in the rear of the Storyteller is manual so it is difficult to move to access gear and does not have any slat support. When lowered the bed is supported by 2 posts allowing shifting to occur.


REVEL: The Winnebago Revel includes a Timberline heating system with an intuitive interface for easy operation. The control panel includes access to diagnostics. The Lithionics batteries found in the gear garage of the Revel offer flexibility and are easy to access when they need to be serviced. The Revel comes with 215-watts of Solar power standard and the controller can handle up to 450-watts.

STORYTELLER: In contrast the Storyteller Overland has an Espar heating system, similar to what the Revel had the first year it went into production. It does not have an intuitive interface and does not provide diagnostics. The Storyteller includes a fixed design Volta battery system that takes up valuable storage space in the rear of the Storyteller. The Storyteller comes with 90-watts of Solar power standard and is expandable up to 600-watts.


REVEL: The MSRP on the Winnebago Revel is $202,401 and includes most features in this MSRP price.

STORYTELLER: The Storyteller is available in 3 MODE packages: The MSRP on the Classic MODE is $219,973. The MSRP on the Stealth MODE is $237,747. The MSRP on the Beast MODE is $279,321.

As you can see, despite first appearances, the Winnebago Revel and Storyteller Overlander are quite different. A Lichtsinn RV sales consultant can help answer any additional questions you might have on these models.

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