The Winnebago View 24D vs. the Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW

Each year at Lichtsinn RV we help hundreds of guests on their path towards RVing in a fuel-efficient Mercedes Benz, making us the largest volume dealer for Winnebago Views and Navions in all of North America.  The 24D is the top selling floorplan in the View and Navion. The View and Navion 24D are often compared to the Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW. This Tiffin floorplan is most similar to the popular Winnebago View and Navion 24D floorplan. The Winnebago View 24D vs. the Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW. The Winnebago View and Winnebago Navion are identical Winnebago Class C diesel RVs with the exception of the name on the side of the coach. For simplicity and purposes of this comparison we will refer to the View and Navion, as the “View.”

Winnebago View vs. Tiffin Wayfarer

Both the View 24D and the Wayfarer 25RW are built on the Mercedes Benz diesel chassis on the same length wheelbase. Each floorplan features a driver-side slideout that houses the front dining/theater seating area and a murphy bed. Each floorplan features an in-line galley and a large rear bathroom. Upon first glance, these coaches might look similar, but as you dig a little further you will find there are significant differences between the two. We have listed the key differences between the Winnebago View 24D and the Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW below.


VIEW: The entrance door on the Winnebago View is an automobile design. The door includes dual latches to reduce vibration and road noise and there is compartment storage in door. The rear wall of the View has sleek automotive styling and includes a ladder. You will also find high mount brake lights in the rear of the View for safety while towing. The View includes a locked gravity water fill. The View’s lighted running boards are strong aluminum and are attached directly to the chassis. The running boards also have a D-ring on either side to secure pets or valuables when you are outside your coach. The awning on the View is integrated into it’s roof line similar to what you find on high end diesel coaches.

WAYFARER: The Wayfarer includes a standard RV entrance door that rattles and lets in excessive road noise. The rear wall of the Wayfarer does not include a ladder or high mount brake lights. The Wayfarer includes a trailer style gravity water fill. The unlit running board on the Wayfarer is fiberglass with a skid strip that will peel off over time. The Wayfarer includes a “sidewall” mounted awning.


VIEW: In the Winnebago View you’ll find a single step taking you from the coach to cab areas measuring 8” in height. Inside the View you’ll find ample storage that includes adjustable shelving, three pantry drawers and a wardrobe in the bathroom. In the View you have your choice of either theater seating with swivel tables or the U-Shaped dinette with fully accessible storage underneath and footrests found on either end providing comfortable seating and sleeping.

WAYFARER: As you enter the Wayfarer you’ll find two steps leading up from coach to cab area measuring 12” each. This height could become a tripping hazard. Storage in the Wayfarer consists of a tall wardrobe with one divider shelf.  In the Wayfarer you have your choice of either theater seating, a tri-fold sofa or standard dinette. The standard booth-style dinette has limited seating and storage and does not include a footrest.


VIEW: At the front of the View the Super Shell Sleep Deck has premium insulation and comfortable sleeping for up to two people. This overhead area includes windows on either side of the coach for added light and cross ventilation. The booster cushion height for the cab seats in the View when swiveled is 19” and provides comfortable seating putting you at the optimum height level when swiveled to the dinette.  Tonal colored cab seats stay cool and coordinate with the balance of View interior.

WAYFARER: At the front of the Wayfarer you’ll find a basic overhead sleeping space with cramped sleeping for up to two people. There are no windows in the sleeping space.  The cab seat booster cushion height is 17” and places you at a lower eye level than the main seating area. Black leather cab seats can maintain heat and do not match the rest of Wayfarer’s furniture finish.


VIEW: The galley countertop in the View is 81.5” long providing ample food prep space. The galley sink is a stainless steel residential double sink with a cutting board sink cover. In the galley of the View you’ll find a 2-burner Induction and LP Range cooktop combo and a residential style 10 cu. ft. refrigerator that cools fast and has a longer life span. Under the galley sink you will have 24” of open space to use for storage. The galley storage in the View includes four lighted drawers with soft closing guides.

WAYFARER: The galley countertop in the Wayfarer is just 51.5” Long. The galley sink is a single bowl round sink that does not have a cutting board. The cooktop is propane only so you will need to watch your propane levels. The Wayfarer galley includes a traditional 12V 6.5 cu. ft. RV refrigerator that is slow to cool and expensive to replace. The galley sink in the Wayfarer takes up much of the “would be” storage under the sink. The galley of the Wayfarer includes only one drawer located underneath the microwave.


VIEW: The View has a push button powered Murphy+ Bed with deluxe queen mattress with a euro-suspension system, a gel foam topper and over-head cabinets for storage.  There is a room divider curtain to surround Murphy+ bed for privacy. The couch under the Murphy+ bed is positioned so that someone sitting on it can easily converse with someone sitting in the dinette.

WAYFARER: The Wayfarer includes a manual murphy bed with plywood base and a two-part cushion making it unlevel and uncomfortable to sleep on. There are no overhead cabinets for storage in this area and no privacy curtain. The couch under the murphy bed does not line up with the theater seating restricting conversation between the two.


VIEW: Inside the View bathroom you’ll find a water saving Oxygenics shower head. This shower head has a single valve for safe consistent temperature mixing. You’ll also find a large wardrobe in the View bathroom area.

WAYFARER: Inside the Wayfarer bathroom you’ll find a plastic dual valve system which provides inconsistent and fluctuating water temperatures.  There is no wardrobe in the Wayfarer bathroom.


VIEW: The View includes (2) 100-watt Solar Panels with a solar charge controller as a standard feature.

WAYFARER: The Wayfarer includes Solar prep only as a standard feature. The solar panel itself is an option which must be added.


VIEW: The View includes a TrueLevel holding tank monitoring system which provides accurate readings. The holding tank capacities in the View are maximized due to the tank production in Winnebago’s proprietary Rotocast facility. In the Rotocast facility, polyethylene powder is placed into specially shaped molds so that each component in the View can be designed to precisely fit its specific application and space. This results in holding tank capacities in the View as follows: Freshwater Tank 30 (gal) Black Tank 41 (gal) Gray Tank 41 (gal).

WAYFARER: The Wayfarer includes probe sensors in its holding tanks which are known to regularly malfunction and provide inaccurate readings.  The holding capacities in the Wayfarer are: Freshwater Tank 25 (gal) Black Tank 28 (gal) Gray Tank 36 (gal).

As you can see, despite starting out with a similar base there are many differences in the Winnebago View and Navion 24D and the Winnebago Wayfarer 25RW. A Lichtsinn RV sales consultant can help answer any additional questions you might have on these models.

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