Tips for Finding a Reputable RV Dealer: RV Delivery Process

Whether it’s your first RV and you have decided the RV lifestyle is now for you or you’re a seasoned RVer ready for your next home, you will spend a lot of time researching the perfect RV for your needs. However, the research process does not end when you’ve decided on that perfect RV, there is another important step… finding the perfect RV DEALER to work with. Buyers will want to invest just as much time, if not more, in researching RV dealers to make sure they find a reputable dealer to work with.

“There is another important step… finding the perfect RV dealer to work with.”

Let’s face it, there are a lot of lousy RV dealerships out there. Unfortunately, in the race to find the lowest possible RV price, many people choose to buy from dealers who do not have a history of great customer service and outstanding RV repair. Know in advance that the lowest price is not usually synonymous with the best buying experience. In our blog series we will cover items you should be looking for in your RV Dealer.

Delivery Process

RV Delivery Process

The day has arrived, you are going to pick up your RV from your purchasing dealer! As exciting as this day is, it undoubtedly comes with some anxiety. Has the dealer provided you information on what to expect when you get there? Not having the correct information/documents with you can cause you a great deal of frustration and delay your RV purchase.

At Lichtsinn RV, whether you are purchasing a new or pre-owned RV, prior to picking up your RV you will work with your RV Sales Consultant to schedule a delivery date and time. In addition to this we will schedule an orientation time when you will either meet in-person or virtually (dependent on what you prefer) with one of our Factory Trained technicians who will take you through the total operation of your new RV. You will receive an email prior to your delivery date, detailing out what to expect at delivery and a list of any needed items and documentation you will need for your closing.

These delivery and orientation times are dedicated time just for you. If you have items you will need assistance with while you are taking delivery, for example a dinghy tow car set up, satellite receiver transfers etc. you can let your sales consultant know about this ahead of time and  they will schedule time with our service staff to facilitate this.

Before you take possession of your RV, it will go through an extensive pre-delivery inspection completed by one of our RVTI Certified RV Technicians to ensure everything is working properly before you arrive.

Once you arrive at Lichtsinn RV to take delivery of your new RV you will meet your sales consultant in our front showroom. They will walk you through your agenda for your stay with us.

Included in your agenda is your RV Orientation, this orientation is a thorough walk-around of your RV that we provide with ANY RV purchase. During this Educational Orientation we will ensure you know how to use your RV by covering each switch, feature, and all maintenance and warranty items as well as answer any questions you might have

Also included in your agenda is a meeting with your Business Manager to complete all of the necessary paperwork. This paperwork includes Titlework, Warranty Registration and any necessary funding documentation.

We encourage all sold guests who take delivery at the dealership to spend a few nights with us within our Campground. In our newly expanded campground we have 43 campsites, with full 30 and 50 amp outlets. We also have free filtered soft water, Free Wifi, and your tanks will be full of propane for your stay with us. We will also provide you a courtesy car as available. The night/s you spend with us serve a couple of different purposes. They allow you to become acquainted with your RV and then we are here the next day to answer any questions that may have come up through the night. And…if you do have a vehicle that your trading in we will park the RVs side by side to allow you to move from one RV to the other right here on site.

While you are with us we welcome you to sit back and relax in one of our (2) guest lounges. In our Guest Lounges you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and stay connected with our free Wi-Fi access. In the North Guest Lounge you’ll look into our marketing studio where we take all of our inventory photos and videos. You can purchase any RV parts and supplies that you may have forgotten or find you need, in our 7,000 square foot camping supply store. Our RV Parts Store is a great place to shop for RV must haves as well any other items to make your RV experience more enjoyable. You can also take in a world class Winnebago Factory tour while you are here in Forest City.

At Lichtsinn RV, we look at your RV purchase as the beginning of what we hope to be a long term guest relationship assisting you with your RV needs, Sales, Parts and Service.

The RV buying process may be lengthy, but it is an exciting process. Finding the perfect dealer to work who provides a clear delivery process makes the experience that much more enjoyable!

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Experience the Best® at Lichtsinn RV, we have been recognized as the #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America each year since 2015 by Winnebago Industries. Lichtsinn RV is located 1 mile north of the Winnebago Factory in Forest City, IA and we proudly sell new Winnebago motorhomes and pre-owned RVs from various manufacturers. While at Lichtsinn RV, you can expect no delivery miles on new RVs, a complimentary half-day educational orientation of your RV, excellent guest reviews, an assigned support team from sales, parts, service and the business office, superior accommodations, no-hassle pricing and competitive financing. See our extensive new and used inventory here.

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