Tips for RVing in the Fall

Don’t give up on the RVing season yet! RVing in the fall is a terrific time to get out and enjoy the cooler temps!Hiking in a Winnebago View

  1. Pack Layers – Fall is prime season for unpredictable weather. You can check the daily weather forecast and try to prepare for it, but need to that conditions changing is always a possibility. Packing clothing layers helps with fluctuating temperatures throughout the day, from cool mornings to warm afternoons and chilly nights. This tried-and-true strategy allows the whole family to stay comfortable by adding or removing layers the weather or your activity level changes.
  2. Fill Up Your Propane – Don’t leave home without a full tank of propane. We all know that nothing uses up propane in the RV more than the heater, and you’re going to need it at night. While many campgrounds offer propane, they charge a premium for the convenience.
  3. Properly Inflate Tires – This is often an overlooked item, but you’ve got a lot riding on your tires. Did you know that for every 10 degrees of temperature drop, your tires can lose one to two pounds of pressure? It is important to keep your tires within the recommended inflation to maintain traction, handling and durability. The most important thing is the safety of you and your family. We also tend to pack quite a bit of gear, and under-inflation has an impact on carrying capacity, which is the greatest amount of weight your vehicle can safely haul.
  4. Be Prepared for Shorter Camping Days – We get spoiled camping in the summer with long stretches of daylight and have to be prepared to adjust for our fall trips. The first consideration is arrival time at the campground. No one likes to set up their campsite after dark. Things can get tricky when you can’t see well. Plan ahead to be sure you’re taking the earlier sunset into account. Try the weather channel app to get the accurate sunrise and sunset times. Also, pack a few flashlights or lanterns in case you’re unexpectedly delayed. Even better, a good headlamp allows you to have full use of your hands while lighting your way.
  5. Get Ready for the Campfire – One of the best ways to enjoy cooler evenings is sitting around the warmth of a campfire. Obviously, every good fire needs some s’mores, so pack the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Even more importantly, don’t forget the sticks!
  6. Take a Trip Close to Home – You don’t have to travel far to have fun! If the kids are in school or you can’t get away from work, you can still enjoy an amazing weekend camping trip close to home. You may feel like you know your local area pretty well, but sometimes we miss the hidden treasures right under our noses. Even better, staying close to home with save you money on one of the most expensive aspects of RV travel: fuel.

Fall is a great time to pack up the RV and enjoy a great weekend of camping!

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