Top 10 Safety Features in the Winnebago Travato

In the Winnebago Travato there are over 35 active and passive safety enhancements in the RAM ProMaster chassis. We listed our top 10 safety features in the 2019 Winnebago Travato.


  1. High Mount Headlamps – the Travato is built on the Ram Promaster Chassis which is modeled after the European Fiat chassis. A major style and safety benefit in the Promaster chassis is the headlamps that are mounted above the grill. These headlights will provide better visibility on the open road, and in case of an accident, the location of the headlights should minimize repair costs.
  2. Crumple Zones – These zones are built into the chassis and act as an impact absorbent and are designed into the front axle and front end of the chassis. They are designed to absorb the energy during an impact, so the passengers are not affected by the crash.
  3. Airbag Safety – The Travato has three different sets of airbags including dual front airbags, dual side curtain airbags, and side seat bolster airbags (available in both cloth and leather). The Travato has the most airbags of any RV.
  4. Seat Belt Pretensioners – With the six airbags, seat belt pretensioners are built in. The pretensioner mechanism detects the signature abrupt deceleration of an accident. In turn, the seatbelt pretensioner mechanism rapidly drives the spool around which the fabric strap of a seatbelt is wrapped. That incredibly fast retraction of the belt fabric removes the slack from the belt instantly. This extra seatbelt “pre-” tension, moments prior to the full force of impact, pulls the bodies of the driver and front-seat passenger firmly into their seats.
  5. Knee Bolsters – In conjunction with the airbags and seatbelt pretensioners the knee bolsters in the cab area keep the occupant in the correct upright position in an accident so the airbags can properly protect the occupants.
  6. Uconnect with Tom Tom GPS – The Uconnect system with Tom Tom GPS provides users hands free calling and voice guidance while navigating. This system allows for the driver to be completely focused on driving and not distracted by calls or using the GPS.
  7. Rearview Camera – The rearview camera in the Travato aids drivers when backing up with its wide angle it also provides color coding based on how far away you are from a potential hazard.
  8. Electronic Stability Control – The system will reconcile the turning path of your steering column by adjusting individual brake pressure and the vehicle’s throttle control to maintain the steering path observed by the vehicle.
  9. Four Wheel ABS – The Winnebago Travato has four-wheel anti-lock brakes just like your light duty truck or SUV.
  10. Tire Pressure Monitoring System – The TPMS is integrated into your front dash and will give you the real time tire pressure levels so you can prevent a flat.