Top Questions from our Lichtsinn RV Live: Introducing the Winnebago Revel

We previously held a Lichtsinn RV LIVE on the Winnebago Revel. In the LIVE, we covered the popular Winnebago 4×4 Campervan product. You can watch that video here.

The Winnebago Revel

We received several great questions from our viewers, so we compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions below:

  1. What kind of batteries are in the Winnebago Revel? The Winnebago Revel includes dual Xantrex Lithionics 125-amp hour lithium ion batteries, providing 1,600-watt hours of energy per battery or 3,200-watts total. The batteries are climate controlled, as they are housed inside the van driver side wheel well and are easy to access. These batteries provide up to 25 percent more capacity than competing 100 AH batteries such as Battle Born. 
  2. What is the warranty on the lithium batteries? 3 Years
  3. What all do the batteries power and for how long? The batteries will power everything inside the coach including the optional Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ Air Conditioner. You can watch our air conditioner run test video on the Winnebago Revel to see how long we ran the A/C off the lithium system before it depleted the system. 
  4. Does the Revel require a soft start to run the inverter? No, it doesn’t. The optional Coleman-Mach A/C starts slowly off the inverter so the inverter does not require a soft start to power it.
  5. Are there any issues with blocking the vents in the rear? It would only become a problem if it were to get extremely hot in the Revel. The lithium batteries begin to have issues at 113 °F.
  6. Should you get a surge protector? Yes, it is a minimal investment to protect very expensive technology in lithium-powered motorhomes.
  7. How long does it take to recharge a fully depleted system when driving highway speeds? It does not take a long time to fully recharge a depleted system. Xantrex does have a mobile app that you can use to give you the up-to-date reading on your lithium system.
  8. Did the exterior solar panel port get removed from the Winnebago Revel? It was not removed, rather it was moved to the rear of the coach. Based on Winnebago’s Voice of Customer research, they found Revel owners were keeping all the doors open in their unit and wanted the port in the rear. 
  9. Has there been a change in the insulation in the flooring or sidewalls? The insulation values are the same in the flooring and sidewalls. However, there was a change in the flooring material. Beginning with the 2021 model year, Winnebago upgraded the flooring to a plasticore, non-slip flooring. This is the flooring introduced in the Winnebago Solis. It is highly durable and extremely insulative. 
  10. What is the vertical tongue weight and towing capacity on the Winnebago Revel? The vertical tongue weight on the Revel is 500-lbs. with a hitch weight of 5,000-lbs. 
  11. Do the rear doors need to stay open for the exterior solar port and water panel? Yes, the rear doors need to stay open to access the solar port and water panel. Based on Winnebago’s Voice of Customer Research, they found Revel owners were keeping the rear doors open so they moved all of these items to a more convenient spot. 
  12. How suitable for a car seat is the Winnebago Revel? In the Winnebago Revel, there is capabilities for a child seat (with the 3-point seat belt) and a booster seat with the lap belt. 
  13. What is the difference in the lithium systems in the Winnebago Revel compared to the View and Navion? They are both Xantrex systems, the key difference is the Revel’s lithium system can power everything in the coach including the air conditioner. The View and Navion’s lithium system can power certain items in the coach. 
  14. Can you upgrade the inverter in the Revel? Yes, it would be possible. However, the size of the inverter grows significantly the larger it gets and we would need to find the real estate for it.
  15. Are the doors and chairs no longer powered? Correct, they are no longer powered. Mercedes and Winnebago decided to remove the powered feature from the VS30 chassis that were built with 4×4 capabilities. They decided it would be best to remove that feature for the units that can go off-road because they were opening when they weren’t supposed to.
  16. Is this a 4-Season Unit? Yes, this is absolutely a 4-season unit with water systems located inside the RV. 
  17. What is new with the Awning? The awning beginning with the 2021 model year for the Winnebago Revel is a 10′ powered patio Colorado Carefree Awning with Wind Sensor. This awning has a larger motor to pull in the awning quicker in a high wind situation.
  18. How does the heating system work? The heating system is operated by burning the diesel fuel thru the diesel burner or thru shore power. However, shore power is less of a quick heating source and more of maintaining heat source. 
  19. What are the fuel capacities? Can you add another fuel tank? The Revel has a 24.5 gallon fuel capacity and achieves 18-22 mpg on the highway. We and most dealers would not tap into the fuel source to add another fuel tank. Revel owners can carry additional fuel canisters if they are looking for added miles. 

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