Top Questions on RV Insurance

In our recent Lichtsinn RV Live Q&A with Courtney Wooge of RV Advantage we covered some of the most common questions we receive about RV insurance.

Watch our Lichtsinn RV Live on the Top Questions on RV Insurance here.

How are auto policies different from RV policies? 

A key difference between auto policies and RV policies is the total loss replacement provision which will replace your new RV for 5 model years. Many insurance companies  will insure your RV, but often you are only getting coverage for physical damage. It may not cover items that “RV Specific” Insurance does like total loss replacement.

If I have total loss replacement what will I receive in the event of a claim?

First you will receive an actual cash value that will tell you how much it is worth. You will then be able to go and find a like make and model RV from a dealer. So if you had a 2016 Winnebago Vista and had a total loss you would be able to upgrade to a 2020 or 2021 Winnebago Vista.

So what happens in years 6-10 with Total Loss Replacement? 

In years 6-10, if you have a total loss you will receive the amount that you paid for the RV, based on your bill of sale from the dealer, to apply to a new RV.

Do I have to carry full coverage if I am not using it?

There are some states that offer lowered coverage during the winter months when your RV is in storage. However, there are some states that require you to turn your license plate and registration in if you remove liability and collision coverage. Another consideration to take is if you financed your RV purchase what the bank will force you to have to keep your financing.

How unique is total loss replacement? Do most carriers have it? 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to insurance, but there are about 6-7 insurance companies that offer RV-focused provisions like total loss replacement and campsite liability. RV Advantage and Lichtsinn RV carry 5 of them.

Can I get a completely different RV after a total loss replacement claim? 

Absolutely, you can move into a different RV. If you were in a Thor or a Forest River you could move into a Winnebago product. It doesn’t matter the manufacturer or length as long as it is an RV. We encourage you to work with your adjuster and insurance company when selecting a replacement.

What is the difference between agreed value and total loss replacement?

This is designed for used RVs. If you have a collision that resulted in a total the agreed value would use the bill of sale to determine what amount you would receive in the claim. The agreed value is locked in for 3-5 years depending on the policy.

Does my RV insurance cover me in Canada or in Mexico?

In Canada you will be okay, but you will need to keep a proof of coverage card in your RV when crossing the border in case the Canadian Border Patrol requests to see it. If you are planning on going to Quebec you will want your proof of coverage card translated into french.

In Mexico, you need to have liability covered by a Mexican carrier. If you are planning on traveling to Mexico it is best to reach out to your insurance company to figure out exactly what you need and how it can be secured.

How does insurance cover full-timers?

If you sleep in your RV for more than 150 nights a year you are considered a full-timer in the eyes of the insurance company. You will then need a full-liability that will cover you similarly to how your home insurance covers you.

What are some ways to save money on your RV insurance?

  • Owning a home
  • Member of a RV club or association
  • Completing a safe driving course
  • Have a good financial history
  • Have a good driving record

I am a first time RVer. Does my auto insurance cover the vehicle before I go and insure it? 

No because an RV is a different type of vehicle so it requires a different insurance policy.

How do I cover my tow car with insurance? 

We recommend putting the tow car and the RV with the same brand so expedite claims. You can also add a tow policy that protects the tow equipment. The actual tow car will require a typical auto insurance policy.

What about personal content coverage for full timers? 

For most policies, you can put up to $99,000 worth of contents. If you are storing your RV at a storage facility you will want to check if they have certain insurance requirements.

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